Womenís Evening Dresses and Gowns Ė Cocktail Party Dress, Prom Gown, Ball and Beaded

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  Assurance of delivery
  Modes of shipment
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 EXPRESS SHIPMENT RATE (DHL) =$25.00 - 34.75

1.Assurance of delivery

An email notification will be sent by Onlygowns when your order is shipped. This mail will contain all the details of your shipment and the time of delivery. In case of any delay in receiving your order, please contact us via email. We shall revert with the courierís tracking code and our customer representative will educate on the way of using it. In case of lost shipment our delivery guarantee scheme takes effect.

You can contact us via email (customersupport@OnlyGowns.com) with your contact details and the tracking code. After investigating the status of your shipment we shall notify you about our intended course of action. In case of a refund, credit will be reverted to the origin of source. In the event of lost shipment, you can expect a full recharge. In the instance of wire transaction and in case delivery is lost or terminated in that case reimbursement is in the kind of credit note that is approved by firm and in force till duration of 12 months.

2.Modes of shipment  

As onlygowns.com is situated abroad therefore all deliveries sourced from presently there and are traveled to their particular location. Express shipment firms DHL and FedEx are our courier partners. The benefits of express shipment are that the order is traceable. This can be tracked by the courier tracking number that onlygowns provides you once we ship the product. This leads to a hassle free delivery of the product without much inconvenience to the customer. If it's not practical for you to sign as well as acquire shipment in the day your delivery, you can definitely leave a note directing shipment to neighbors. In case this doesnít happen the courier company will contact you to do the needful. Please note that we donít make PO Box delivery.

3.Edicts from Onlygowns 

Upon order placement you receive an email notification from Onlygowns that contain your invoice in detail. If you do not get this email notification just assume that your particular order isn't listed into our system, and for this reason we won't be able to process or ship it.

After the final measurements of the dress is confirmed you shall receive our shipping notice; within 2 days. This mail contains all the shipping details that you can use for future reference.

Note: The delivery time would be 3-4 weeks for premium category dresses.

4.Delayed delivery 

If your order fails to reach or if lost, Onlygowns will revert your credit into your credit card (the total amount) or we will reship the product. All you need to do is notify us via email about the status of your shipment and we shall do the needful.

5.Delivery details  

Our first notification email will have all the details of the shipment including the date and tracking number. Making use of this tracking number the customer can keep track of the product. The delivery will usually occur in 3 to 4 weeks but in many cases one can expect it earlier.

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