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Ornate Overlapping Evening Dress | Sex And The Dresses
Ornate Overlapping Evening Dress  
Price : $357.00
Price : $258.50
Brooch Studded Dress | Sex And City Dress
Fabulous Brooch Studded Dress  
Price : $416.00
Price : $300.80
Opulent One Shouldered Ruche Dress | Sex And The City Dresses
Opulent One Shouldered Ruche Dress  
Price : $377.00
Price : $272.60
Metallic Belted Evening Outfit | Sex And The City Collection
Jazzy Metallic Belted Evening Outfit  
Price : $390.00
Price : $282.00
Alluring A-line Skirt Evening Dress | Sex And The city
Alluring A-line Skirt Evening Dress  
Price : $286.00
Price : $206.80
Sensual Drape Effect Evening Dress | Sex And The City Fashion
Sensual Drape Effect Evening Dress  
Price : $325.00
Price : $235.00
Ruffled Front Slit Dress | Sex And The City Fashion
Ravishing Ruffled Front Slit Dress  
Price : $247.00
Price : $178.60
Halter A-Line Dress | Sex And City Fashion Outfit
Haute Halter A-line Dress  
Price : $325.00
Price : $235.00
Glamorous Keyhole Neckline Evening Attire | Sex And The City Collection
Glamorous Keyhole Neckline Evening Attire  
Price : $318.00
Price : $230.30
Futuristic Sleeveless Dress
Fabulous Futuristic Sleeveless Dress  
Price : $195.00
Price : $141.00
Empire Waistline Evening Dress | Sex And The City Collection
Elegant Empire Waistline Evening Dress  
Price : $520.00
Price : $400.00
Multi Tiered Evening Attire | Sex And The City Dresses
Splendid Multi Tiered Evening Attire  
Price : $325.00
Price : $250.00
Off The Shoulder Mini Dress
Pretty Off the Shoulder Mini Dress  
Price : $247.00
Price : $190.00
Bow Tie Up Sheath Dress | Sex And City The Dresses
Magical Bow Tie-up Sheath Dress  
Price : $383.00
Price : $295.00
Sweetheart Neckline Evening Attire | Evening Party wear
Magnificent Sweetheart Neckline Evening Attire  
Price : $507.00
Price : $331.00
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Sex And The City Dresses

This collection is inspired from the sex and the city girl’s wardrobe from the famous Sex and the City sitcom and from the movie. All the stars from the movie and the sitcom have inspired us to launch a collection inspired by their designer dresses; hence the name Sex and the City dresses. Four different women who have different personalities and are from different backgrounds just have one thing in common and that’s fashion; well! Whoever has watched this movie or sitcom; this is the common review you can get. This is a fashion movie and a story of four women who know how to dress.

Sex and the City Characters Dresses Straight From the Movie

Carrie, Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte are the famous four characters played by four beautiful women; who actually look gorgeous in those beautiful dresses. Let’s take look at what they wore for the promotion of this movie. Black was the outfit which they chose to wear for the promotion which actually left the viewers gasping for more breath as they beauties showcased their beautiful curves in classy cuts and designs.

Now Let’s Take A Look At The Characters And Their Dresses

Carrie played by Sarah Jessica Parker is a bold intrepid writer who is known for her fearless writing. She is one of the most peculiar kinds as she uses a mixture of vintage dresses and modern jewelry, the sex and the city dresses here revolve a lot around her character but remember that stilettos are a must to be paired with these dresses. Kim Cattaral plays the character of Samantha who is a confident woman, this is one character from the movies who prefers lust over love and is not ashamed to admit it. Her job as a public relations manager gives her opportunity to dress up very stylishly wearing bold colored tight and low cut dresses.

Charlotte played by Kristin Davis is a preppy girl who is always dressed in colorful attire which is always followed by matching combinations of handbags and sneakers. The sex and city dress collection dress collection has been inspired by this character as well. Miranda is a very strong headed character played by Cynthia Nixon who follows the contemporary style which is bold when she is at work and is lazy attire when she is at home. The famous movie and sitcom has started a new rage in the fashion world which has inspired many fashion houses and now by many fashion websites to launch their own collection of the sex and the city dresses.

If you want to don the looks of you favorite character then here are some tips from the sex and the city movie inspired dresses

Get some Stilettos: Sometimes if you want to follow fashion then you need to get out of the comfort zone of flat footwear’s and don some heels which are ready to compliment all your dresses, stilettos is a good option and select heels in which your comfortable, though they are not if worn for a long time.
Update yourself with fashion: It is very important that one need to update themselves with fashion, fashion magazines and fashion articles are a good choice if you want to be updated on the latest fashion. The only way to stay in fashion is to follow the current trend. This is some thing that you will learn from the sexy Carrie Bradshaw’s dresses.
Keep it simple and plan on a budget: The point here is to keep things simple and do not complicate it always be on a budget and look good all the time wearing the classy sex and city dresses. Remember that the seasonal buyer saves more money than the regular shopper.
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