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A-line Flower Girl Dress
A-line flower girl dress  
Price : $125.00
Flowergirl dresses - Double strap flower girl dress
Double strap flower girl dress  
Price : $115.00
Ruching Bodice Flower Girl Dress
Ruching bodice flower girl dress  
Price : $120.00
Three tiered flower girl dress
Three tiered flower girl dress  
Price : $115.00
Splendid Flower Girl Dress
Splendid flower girl dress  
Price : $120.00
Elegant A-line Flower Girl Outfit
Elegant A-line flower girl outfit  
Price : $125.00
A-line Flower Girl Tulip Dress
A-line flower girl tulip dress  
Price : $135.00
Exquisite A-line Flower Girl Dress
Exquisite A-line flower girl dress  
Price : $120.00
Floral Embroidered Flower Girl Dress
Floral embroidered flower girl dress  
Price : $129.00
Fashion Forward Flower Girl Dress
Fashion forward flower girl dress  
Price : $125.00
V-neckline Flower Girl Outfit
V-neckline flower girl outfit  
Price : $130.00
Embroidered Bodice Flower Girl Dress
Embroidered bodice flower girl dress  
Price : $130.00
Endearing Double Strap Flower Girl Dress
Endearing double strap flower girl dress  
Price : $120.00
Split Front Flower Girl Outfit
Split front flower girl outfit  
Price : $149.00
Beautiful Embroidered Flower Girl Gown
Beautiful embroidered flower girl gown  
Price : $120.00
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What Makes a Flower Girl and Her Dress Special?

Flower girl is a little girl who leads with beautiful bride holding delicate colorful garland in hand. In the presence of elegant bride and stunning young bridesmaids this little girl also grabs the attention of wedding crowd. It can also be presumed as a mini bridesmaid who represents the bride at the time of wedding.
The dress worn by this mini bridesmaid is known as Flower girl dress. This dress is specially purchased by groom or by brides’ family.

How to Select Flower Girl Dresses?

While choosing the dress for mini bridesmaid, keep in mind the innocence of her age. Do not dress her up like mature girls. Flower girl gown is replica of the bride as well as a mini bridesmaid, so choose a dress which matches and goes with both bride’s gown color and even bridesmaid dress or gown color. Pattern, style and even color of flower girl gowns should complement the theme of wedding ceremony. Make sure of the comfort level of mini bridesmaid. Do not choose too heavy dress.
Flower girl’s dress should also lookalike flower. Neckline, straps or hemlines, one of them should be designed in form of flower like broaches or laces. With this kind of flowery designs dress will look floral and adoring in wedding. Make use of bright and lively colors in flower girl dress. Choose formal dress so that she can wear it on alternate events also other then the wedding occasions.

Full to Knee Length Flower Girl Dresses

There are a variety of choices in flower girl dresses. Go according to the flower girl’s personality. If she is extrovert in nature choose knee or ankle length dresses so that she can run and move all around on wedding eve and thus her dress will not get messy. But if she is introvert person pick nice furl or train dress.
A–line dress with or without empire waistline is famous pattern form of floor length or ankle length dress. If you want to make your flower girl lookalike Cinderella, snow-white or jasmine of Arabian night’s novel, then you can go for ball or balloon dresses.

Accessories, Hairstyle and Make Up for Flower Girl

Choose matching and comfortable accessories for her dress. Style her hair with fancy, trendy feather or furl colorful hair band or beaded broaches. For flower girl ballerina flat or any other fancy flat sandal is a good choice. They are more comfortable to be worn instead of high heel. High heels give stress to legs very soon, and small kids can’t bare stress for long time as wedding is a long event.
So make sure that the charm of girl stays long on her sweet dress. The accessories, hairstyle or makeup should match up with the flower girl dress.

Prominent Attention Towards Flower Girl Dress

Everyone will be busy garnishing own attire and bride. Small girl may get ignored in this process. Give ample time for selecting flower girl dress, accessories, hairstyle, and makeup or simply select a person who can give a cent percent for making flower girl’s attire up to the mark.
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