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Astounding Strapless One Piece Dress
Astounding Strapless One Piece Wonder  
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Green Secret of St Patrick’s Day

You known that on St Patrick’s Day green color attire should to be worn as a lucky charm but do you know why on St Patrick’s Day everyone goes green? There is very interesting fact and story behind it. The Saint Patrick used to tell that god (Holy Spirit) speaks to him in his dream and asked him to leave all detection suffered and board ship to Britain. He obeyed god’s statement and returned to Britain and studied to be priest.

Later on St Patrick became known for using three leaved shamrock to explain the holy trinity. According to bible Holy Trinity refers to father, son and Holy Spirit. Shamrock leaf is symbol of St Patrick’s Day. For freedom for Ireland, Irish soldier wore green uniform as protest against British rule. Thus green became symbol of rebellion. St Patrick’s Day is celebrated on 17 March of every year for freedom from British. Green symbolizes freedom and Shamrock symbolizes tribute to Saint Patrick. Eventually green color and shamrock leaf became symbol for St Patrick’s Day.

Elegant Dress for Auspicious St Patrick’s Day

Freedom achieved on holy day needs to be celebrated in special form by all means. Dress needed to celebrate should be special without any compromise. Even though if you don’t want to wear traditional leprechaun on day and want to be replica of it, you can still bring elegancy and charm in your dress.

Shamrock green color is pie of the holy day. It is uniform color for day. You can go for shamrock green color dress. Many girls who will be wearing shamrock green color dress; but if you want to celebrate in another style and want to have your individuality, try for different shades of green color. For dark shade green choose dark olive green, fern green, phthalo green, olive or office green and for light green go for Persian green, spring bud green, pigment green, lime green etc.

Make sure while choosing green color or its shade, chose wisely according to your skin tone and taste. Don’t just pickup because it is color of the day. Whatever shade of green you choose should look beautiful and pleasant. Spring and summer with green is alluring combination theme of the season too.

Accessorize your green dress with golden jewelry, golden purse, golden sandal or shoe, golden or green hat, golden hair band. Golden color mix matches with any shade of green perfectly and makes it look royal and rich. While choosing the dress pattern for St Patrick’s Day keep in mind where you gonna celebrate whether in street rally, family or friends get together at home or hotel, cruise, beach etc. There are variant dress pattern to suit as per time and place.

Want to look feminine and cute on St Patrick’s Day? Make use of ruched pattern in your special St Patrick’s green dress with asymmetrical neckline, sweetheart neckline, V- shaped neckline and empire and natural waistline. These are some catchy and attractive form for dress. You can add and experiment more different styles. Make artificial shamrock leaf as broach on dress or trim your waistline belt with design or print of shamrock leaf.

Merge your legs in flood of St Patrick day with green stocking, socks, and leggings etc. There are many attractive and fancy patterns for leg clothing. Legs are prominent players in enhancing your personality so keep them stylish and updated with different clothing. Any style you select should look adorable and flow with breeze of St Patrick’s Day. Wish you a lá an-sásta st Patrick ar means very happy St Patrick’s Day.
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