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Gorgeous Strapless Autumn Gown
Gorgeous strapless evening gown  
Price : $650.00
Broad Beaded Neckline Summer Dress
Awesome Mini Winter Dress  
Price : $250.00
Mermaid Cut Silhouette Designer Outfit
Mermaid cut silhouette Designer outfit  
Price : $460.00
Strapless Side Shirred Gathered Prom Gown
Strapless Side Shierred Gathered Flounce Prom Gown  
Price : $299.00
Ornamental satin Evening dress
Ornamental Satin Draped Evening Gown  
Price : $385.00
Smashing Halter Designer Gown
Smashing halter Designer gown  
Price : $399.00
Lavishly Beaded Satin Evening Dress
Lavishly Beaded Satin Evening Dress  
Price : $323.00
Beaded Gold Halter Evening Gown
Gold Halter Beaded Evening Gown  
Price : $523.00
Net with satin dress has a distinguishing U neckline
Intricately Beaded Net Satin U Neck Gown  
Price : $550.00
Matchless Halter Hot Designer Gown
Matchless halter hot gown  
Price : $399.00
Pleated Satin Evening Gown
Pleated Satin Evening Gown  
Price : $247.00
Dramatic Back Drape Evening Dress
Dramatic Back Drape Evening Dress  
Price : $569.00
Magnificent Chiffon Spring Robe
Magnificent Chiffon Spring Robe  
Price : $323.00
Sexy Multi Strape Criss-Cross Designer Evening Dress
Sexy Multi Strape Criss-Cross Evening Dress  
Price : $325.00
Sequined Chiffon Spaghetti V Neck Designer Dress
Sequinned Chiffon Spaghetti V Neck Dress  
Price : $375.00
Page 1 2 3 4 5 6 >> |All

What are Designer Dresses?

Much as the term suggests, designer dresses are not necessarily creations by famed designers. You don’t need to own a Chanel or a Christian Dior to say you’re wearing a designer gown. Yet it holds special value in the fashion world. So what is all that hype about? Why do designer dresses get so much attention and what’s so special about them that they stand out proudly from the rest of the apparel world? Designer gowns are basically creations that are not only highly coveted by the crème de la crème of the fashion industry – basically those women who love to dress well, look classy, radiate oomph but also are gorgeous, has high quality fabric and has the right blend of sensuality, creativity and beauty. Designer dresses are styled such that they lend their wearers a certain edge over the others. They fit like they were custom made especially for you and fit like a second skin.

Designer dresses are normally classified into two types - Haute Couture and prêt line. Haute Couture is basically made to order while prêt line is ready to wear and already comes available in set sizes. Haute Couture is basically French for high or elegant sewing which in the fashion world represents high quality and more importantly exclusiveness guaranteed with exquisiteness. In other words a designer dress guarantees that it is unique in itself and you would probably never find another piece like it. Designer gowns guarantee that you don’t have to walk into a party and worry about someone else wearing it. For something so exclusive, prices are usually higher and designer dresses most definitely command higher prices than ordinary outfits.

How to Choose Designer Dresses?

Designer gowns do not come cheap so it’s best to pick out a creation that matches your lifestyle. A designer dress should thoroughly compliment your body measurements, body contours and personal taste. The look and feel of the dress is of utmost importance. The most important step in purchasing designer dresses is to choose the right place to buy it from. While selecting make sure to go through the catalogue, read through the descriptions provided, take a look at the type of fabrics, designs and cuts and visualize yourself in one of the outfits. Once you are through with this, half your work is complete and will definitely make it easier for you to choose one of those designer dresses.

There are plenty of options available in designer gowns - be it a ball gown, an evening gown, a dress, a frock or a simple suit – you must select something that matches the occasion. The cuts and falls of the dress should compliment you and the occasion that you are wearing your designer dress to. Remember that a designer dress is basically a trend setter in the fashion world. In other words, wearing a designer gown means being the centre of attention and having everyone’s eyes on you. So if you can afford it, make sure to pamper yourself with one.

Accessorize Your Designer Dresses

Designer dresses would be absolutely incomplete without the right accompaniments and embellishments to go with it. Fashion is basically a magical tool of self creation and self image. The way we dress up and carry ourselves goes a long way in building self image. Just wearing a designer gown is not enough. You have to back it up with solid proof. We celebrate our bodies and ourselves with the right outfits and there is many a way to do so. Designer gowns look gorgeous with the right jewelry. A pair of slinky stilettos is always the best accompaniments. The shorter your designer dress, the more attention you need to pay to your shoes. A petite hand bag or a clutch looks great too. Pay attention to your hair and skin. The right hairstyle can take designer dresses to a whole new level.
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