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Vintage Wedding Gowns

Paint the Town Red in Glamorous Red Dresses Have you ever looked at some old wedding pictures of a bride and thought, “Wow! Now that’s classy.” Have you ever been fascinated by the glamour of the bygone eras? Then maybe you need to consider a vintage wedding gown.

A classy vintage wedding gown comes with a lot of history and more often than not has this ethereal, otherworldly feeling to it. A true vintage gown captures all the memories of its era and makes its wearer look ravishing. If you are next to walk down the aisle do take a look at the gorgeous vintage wedding gowns available. The beauty about vintage wedding gowns are that they can be available for a fraction of the cost of a brand new wedding gown and has an effect that is just as glorious if not more. A vintage gown promises a one-of-a-kind and unique look which is just as stylish today as it was centuries back.

How to select the ideal vintage wedding gown?

If you are considering wearing a vintage wedding gown for your big day, then do keep the following in mind:

1. When you set out to purchase a vintage wedding gown, bear in mind that the styles then are quite different from today. In other words, be open minded to a different look.

2. Get your creativity along as well. Use your imagination when selecting vintage dresses. You will be surprised finding out what all you can do with a vintage wedding gown. You could add panels to create a roomier fit, remove the sleeves, dye the fabric, shorten the hem or cinch the waist. The possibilities are simply infinite!

3. If you are looking to purchase a vintage wedding gown from a vintage store, do check for fakes or any damages. The material might be old and easily prone to tearing. Avoid such materials under all costs. You will have to move about a lot on your big day and worrying about the fabric of your vintage wedding gown giving way should be the least of your concerns. Fabric deteriorates over time and you may yourself leaving bits of your dress behind as you walk down the aisle.

4. Staining can be a big issue. Certain stains are impossible to fix. Watch out for those!

5. Don’t be too fussy when looking at a vintage wedding gown. Do remember that the dress has been worn before. A small unnoticeable stain can be overlooked. Your dress does come with a history after all!

Another great choice to purchase vintage wedding gowns is to buy them online. You could buy yourself a brand new wedding gown in a vintage pattern. More often than not, the dresses are custom made to your exact specifications and are a lot cheaper than what would be available in stores.

Whether you greet your special day in a gown from the fabulous fifties or a retro wedding gown or simply a reproduction of a Victorian era gown, the right choice can transform your walk down the aisle into a grand entrance - a magical moment handpicked from an old photograph.


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