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Tricks of Dressing: A real Fashionista is the one who follows all rules of fashion utterly. To guide you fashion tips are there, which play up with your assets and hide the flaws. The trick of looking beautiful is to go with your body shape. Hence it’s very essential to determine your body type before dressing for a stunning look. There are many flattering ways to dress for your body shape.


YOU ARE: Heavy at the bottom and slim on the top. Slim neck, narrow shoulders, small bust, defined waist, fuller lower body, heavy hip and thick legs determine your silhouette. Pear shape is the commonest amongst women. 


The universal A-line dresses, gowns and skirts are the ideal wear. They skim problem areas and accentuate only assets.


For the most flattering look, choose an empire waist dress or a wrap dress, as these dresses fall smoothly over the flaws giving impression as if there is no flaw.

  Wear dark colors on lower part of the body and bright colors on your top half. Dark colors run down the flaws.
  Jackets and blazers should hit hips part for skimming the flaw. Jackets and blazers with vertical lines will look more emphasizing.
  As you have defined waist, go for dresses tapered at the waist and flare out over hips and thighs.
  As top is slim you can add detailing to it. Embellishments such as lace, ruffle, beadings, pockets etc will look fantastic. It’s also good to play down your heavy lower body.

Do not wear any figure hugging dress or one with bias cut, as they will emphasize the wrong areas.


Miniskirts should be avoided as they accentuate heavy thighs, thus gives an awkward impression.

  Styles to be avoided completely as they make hips and thighs look bigger are halter, mermaid style, high cut necks etc.
  Avoid prints on your bottom half.


YOU ARE: Heavy on the top and thin at the bottom. Your recognizable factors are fuller bust, big torso, broad shoulders and arms, undefined waist, thin hips and thin thighs. Centering on your assets will make you look slimmer, thus boosts your confidence level.


Necklines that flatter much your figure are V-neck, boat neck, turtle and mock necks and shirt collars. They take full attention towards your bust, thus away from flaws.


Fitted tops look great, as they emphasize on breast but nothing to tight.

  An empire waist or raised waist dresses brings the eye up and away from problem areas.
  Short skirts or dresses are an apt wear as you have nice legs.
  A-line dresses are good to wear.

Dresses with full sleeves or puffy sleeves should be avoided, as they make your arms and shoulders look bigger.


Tight pants and skirts should be drawn away; this will also make you look bigger on top.

  Do not wear dresses with pleats or gathers on the tummy part as it add inches to your tummy.
  Bold patterns and light colors should be avoided on the top as it gives bigger look.


YOU ARE: Quite voluptuous with proportionate shoulders, waist and hips. It is considered the ideal figure amongst all, thus no need of making fault efforts for emphasizing the look.


Wear dresses having V neckline or scooped necklines as they flatter your bust and elongates torso.


Wrap dresses looks great and are good t wear for emphasizing your waist.

  Halter style is great on you, as they show off your shoulders.
  Wear small patterned dresses for a slimmer look.
  Skirts of ¾ length or full length will make you look taller, thinner and sexier.
  Dresses having defined waistline are your best friend.

Stay away from baggy clothes, to eschew away from frumpy look.


Also you need to avoid straight lines in skirts, jackets, and pants, as they will not accentuate your waist.

  Details like large prints, stripes, ruffle and details around the bust area will hide your great curves and make you look larger.
  Do not wear too short tops; these will only tend to make you look shorter.


YOU ARE: Blessed with equal top, waist and bottom, thus have very few curves. Their top, waist and bottom slightly vary, thus having straight lined silhouette.
Clothes giving illusion of curves are perfect to wear.


Any form fitting or straight-legged fitting jeans are suitable for these figures.


Wear skirt with flair cut and drop waist to get an appearance of an hourglass figure.

  Loose-fitting clothes are good for you that fall over the hips.
  Go for dresses fitted tightly around your top half.
  Strapless dresses are very good for you.
  A-line dresses are good as they skim over every flaw.

Avoid wearing one-color outfits as they emphasize body size.


Avoid wrap style dresses.

  Avoid pencil skirts as these can make your waist look thick.
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