• Posted :   Apr 29th, 2011

    What do you think is the difference between today’s wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton and everyone else’s? There is a bride and groom in both! There is plenty of cheer and crying in both! The difference of course lies in the money sent on the wedding and the logistics involved!

    The royal wedding is a public spectacle n itself – once again something you would not be having and is supposedly costing the happy couple a whopping GBP 80 million. Now your budget may be a little lesser than that but you can be assured of a grand wedding yourself. The idea is to make the most of what you’ve got.

    The highlight of the royal wedding of course has to be Kate Middleton’s wedding gown just like the highlight of your wedding will be yours. Of course every single detail of your wedding may not be compared to that of Princess Diana’s but that does not mean that you take any less time picking out the bridal gown.

    Your whole wedding may cost you about USD 27,000 on an average including the flowers, music photography and party favors. The royal wedding costs 10 times the amount in pounds! But then again the royal couple does not have to spend on a venue since Buckingham Palace is quite easily at their disposal. Then again the caterers are coming free too!

    For obvious reasons the wedding reception will be a colossal undertaking. There will be two reception parties hosted by the queen and Prince Charles. The queen will be inviting about 600 guests for a breakfast reception while Prince Charles will be hosting a dinner reception for about 300 guests.

    There are loads and loads of speculation about Kate’s wedding dress. People have been betting on everything from a vintage wonder to an ivory piece by reputed designers! Thankfully for you, there is not as much pressure! Always pick out a gown that flatters you to the limit and makes you look fantastic! You may not be the future princess of England but you deserve just as much of praise and attention!

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