• Posted :   Jul 28th, 2011

    One of the most favorite style icons of England and an excellent footballer often takes fashion advice from his fashion designer wife Victoria. His style is followed by many youngsters and since then he has been the ambassador for many fashion brands.

    The former spice girl and the 36 year old fashion designer is well known for her the perfect appearance at the Royal wedding. She is always stylishly dressed and never fails to disappoint the fashion enthusiasts with her fashion knowledge. Posh spice has been the trendsetter for many years and is known for amazing fashion knowledge and for her handsome footballer husband David Beckham.

    The ex Manchester United footballer has already launched many scent brands and is now planning to launch his new collection with a cosmetic brand called David Beckham Homme which will be launched in September.

    To purchase a David Beckham like outfit one can always log in to the internet and search for web shops that actually sell the stars jerseys and his famous outfits. These web stores are easy to find and can be bought at the convenience of your home.

    Many retail as well web outlets often follow celebrity names to promote their designs and these outfits can actually be bought for a very reasonable price. These stores offer the David Beckham style outfits at cheaper prices as they are not original and are easily available online. Place your order well in advance and give correct measurements when it comes to shopping online as you cannot try the dress before paying for it.

    When shopping online always shop from your trusted website and be careful when providing your credit card number as there are many scamsters who will take your money happily.

    To look like David Beckham one can always don the kind of clothes he wears but where will get Posh spice from?

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