• Posted :   Apr 11th, 2011

    The promos of Desperate Housewife season 7 look absolutely ravishing. The marketing team has to be given credit. All the characters look ravishing and perfect. The one common thing that stands out across all 7 seasons is the love for good dressing. All the characters are always dressed in the most gorgeous dresses for parties, everyday outings, even while baking muffins. Let’s take a look at the most well dressed character among these stunning beauties.

    Susan Mayer: 

    Susan Mayer played by Teri Hatcher is this notoriously clumsy romantic with a magnetic charm and plenty of naivety. She looks quite gorgeous of course. Through most of the seasons, Susan is usually dressed in pants and is shown as someone who takes little care of herself. But when she does dress up – boy does she look fantastic! Susan has a firm athletic body and she looks brilliant in strapless flared dresses.


    Lynette Scavo:

    Lynette Scavo, played by Felicity Huffman, is a full time mother and a pure go getter. Not too curvy and not too straight she looks best in fitted dresses with broad necklines. Lynette is usually dressed in loose shirts or waist emphasizing dresses.


    Bree Van de Kamp:

    Bree Van de Kamp, played by Marcia Cross, is a perfectionist with respected work ethics. She is often seen dressed in knee high, form fitting severe dresses that go perfectly with her character. High necklines usually characterize her dressing. Van de Kamp’s dressing can easily be called smart and perfect.


    Gabrielle Solis:

    Gabrielle Solís, played by Eva Longoria, is portrayed as a passionate, lively, extrovert woman with a vain streak and plenty of recklessness. Solís is a character always dressed to the nines and why not when blessed with a body like that. An hour glass figure – everything suits her. However, she does have a petite frame which once again the designers use to their advantage. Often seen in bright colors – Solís is definitely among the most popular of the characters.

    Looking good in gorgeous dresses is an art – something that can be easily learned from the Desperate Housewives! Four different body types – all of which are dressed to the hilt in creations that suit them perfectly!

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