• Posted :   Aug 24th, 2011

    What Dresses to wear to a WeddingWeddings are about two people celebrating their love for each other. All the flowers, lighting, food, ceremonies and arrangements all boil down to something pure and perfect. When the bride, groom and their families take so much effort to make sure everything is beautiful, as a guest, it’s just basic manners to ensure that you match their efforts and look your best for probably the most memorable day in the couple’s lives. Ladies, remember your objective is not to outshine the bride but instead look like you’ve taken the time out to look good and celebrate her special day.

    The closer you are to the bride or the groom, the dressier your selection of outfit should be. It also matters if the wedding is happening in summer, winter, spring or autumn plus every season has its trends. The dress hemlines vary, necklines change, dress cuts matter and so on.

    There are some staple dresses that look glorious for all occasions like the LBD or the little black dress. The LBD is an excellent choice for a wedding. Though some may say that black is a color of mourning and should be avoided at weddings, the choice is entirely your own. If the couple is extremely traditional, then maybe you should avoid a black dress.

    If the wedding is being held on the beach then select a dress with a short hemline. Make sure the dress is not too short to no longer remain formal. If you are not comfortable with short dresses then select a dress that ends at the knees or cuts at the calves. Sleeveless, tube dresses and halter dresses all look fantastic for beach parties. Select bright colors like blues, greens, pinks, purples or you could opt for the color of the season. Make sure your dress is of a light fabric. Chiffon looks great and works best for the beach.

    If you are invited to a formal day wedding, then select solid color gowns or dresses. Both short and long dresses look great for formal weddings. A bit of shimmer on your gown looks glorious. Color of the formal gown is a choice that is entirely yours. Yellows, blues, mauves – all look great for afternoon weddings. Necklines are not much of an issue either. Choose a dress with a neckline that you would be comfortable in.

    If you have been invited to an evening party, then select something on the sober side. While there are no hard and fast rules about the length of your evening gown, longer hemlines are preferred. If you are just not comfortable with long hemlines, you could try asymmetrical dresses. They look smart and give off a dressy and fun feel. Darker shades are preferred for evening parties but once again the choice is all your own.

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