• Posted :   Aug 12th, 2011

    “Whoa!!” Weddings are exhilarating and an exhausting experience, its not only tiring for the bride and groom but for everybody involved in the wedding like Mother of the Bride, bridesmaid for example.

    The most important person without whom the wedding wnt be complete: The Bride

    Do not worry about me giving you advice though I am a total stranger but I am sure this will definitely help you when selecting a wedding dress.

    Match the Dress with the Wedding Attire: – Keep it simple; it it’s a beach wedding, then do not go with long gowns prefer short and airy dresses, if its garden wedding the opt for tea length dresses and if it’s indoors then full length trail gown is a good option.

    Prefer a Cut that will suit your body type: – Mermaid style, A-style, Empire waist styles are the most preferred wedding styles, but select a dress that suits your body type. If you have a larger bust line then opt for low cut dresses.

    Color of the Wedding Gown: – I am seriously tired of whites, ivory and soft pink are the latest trends; do not think just go for it.

    Everyone will be watching you when you walk into the wedding ceremony Mother of the Bride is the second most observed person during a wedding; a few dressing tips that will suit your attire:- I do not have much to say here but just dress your age.

    Compromise with the bride: – If your daughter wants you to wear a wedding dress which you do not wish to then let her know about it, but remember that it’s her day.

    Color of the dress: – Opt for light shades, but stay away from whites, ivory and light pink and definitely do not dress like a bridesmaid. I know its difficult but just be yourself without stealing the brides thunder.

    The most difficult part is selecting a dress for your Bridesmaids, some will agree and some will not the best advice would be to do not try to convince; always remember a dream wedding is not complete without bridesmaids.

    Simpler the better: – Go for something simpler that will make your bridesmaid look elegant and classy. A color that will look good on every one; your can opt for purple and turquoise blue; let them opt for necklines if you pick the color or vice versa.

    Stick to your Budget: – Let your girls know what your budget is and ask them to help you to make your marriage a success; well that’s what the friends are for…

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