• Posted :   Aug 23rd, 2011

    hollywood evening dressesMany ladies these days want to wear an evening dress that is Hollywood inspired. Hollywood celebrities have been spotted wearing many evening dresses at different events. There is a swamp of designs in evening dresses. So you will have a wide range of options to choose from in evening dresses.

    Most ladies like me roam around with magazine cut-outs and pictures of their favorite celebrities in gorgeous evening dresses. Everyone wants a dress that would be strikingly similar or somewhere close. With a few suggestions you can make a similar evening dress your own. You would look no less than a Hollywood star.
    Take a close look at the celebrities’ evening dresses. Follow their fashion sense closely. Look at someone whose fashion style you think somewhere matches yours. So that will help you pick a dress that will look good on you. If you follow fashion blindly you are sure to make fashion faux pas.

    A dress that suits Nicole Kidman doesn’t have to look good on you. When picking a dress that a star has worn and if you don’t like certain designs on them, you can always personalize it. So that will not make you a pure copycat. Bringing in something original into the evening dress is always appreciated by many. And not many will know that it is a Hollywood-inspired dress.
    Always pick an evening dress without the trains and mermaid cuts. They look good only on TV and on red carpet events. For a normal person like you, such cuts would not work well. So pick a dress and alter it wherever you can.
    Getting inspired form a Hollywood style dress is not bad, but wearing the same dress without thinking if it will suit you or not is foolishness. The color of the dress should be in according to your skin tone and not the Hollywood inspired evening dress.
    Prepare yourself to shell out some dollars since Hollywood evening dresses are expensive. But it is worth every penny because you can try different combinations with evening dresses and wear it more than once. You don’t have to act like typical celebrity by dumping away the dress after wearing it once.

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