• Posted :   Jul 12th, 2011

    This is a message to all plus size women. That it does not matter if you are not a zerona. Women with zero figure look good only on runways. The most important point that matter is the way you feel. I do not believe in starvation either.

    Who has not yet tried a cocktail dress thinking that they are not available in their size and that they may not look good on overweight women? If this is what you think then I am sorry to disappoint you as there are cocktail dresses available for plus size women and are available in all shapes and sizes and in various colors.

    Listen up ladies this is summer and cocktail dresses are the most versatile dresses ever to be designed especially for these kinds of sultry months. So get yourself a cocktail dress and let your hair down at the party.

    Here are a few guidelines that will help you shop for a cocktail dress: -

    Dresses For Everyone: – There is always a dress for everyone, remember even the fashion designers got to eat and more than half the population is overweight and if there are no dresses designed for plus size women these designers will get skinny just like their models.

    Firstly it’s important that you recognize your body shape and I will guide what looks good on what kind of shape: -

    • The best bet would be an A-line type dress as this suits all body types and is especially designed for women with bigger hips and thighs. These dresses are narrower at the top and they flare at the bottom giving a slim look to the wearer.
    • Empire and princess dresses are the best to hide your tummies, if you have bigger tummies then your first option should be empire waist as it concentrates on the waist camouflaging your tummy. The vertical panels of a princess dress is perfect for women with bigger tummies.

    Suggestion: – Do not purchase a smaller size thinking that you may loose weight, because you may loose weight but by that time party will be over and your dress will be out of fashion for the next years party….so by a dress your size and remember to buy it as per your body shape.

    Check Your Fit: – A good fitting dress can work wonders, never by a dress that fit tight or is loose always buy your perfect size. Remember the most important fashion fundamentals that ‘showcase your best part and camouflage your worst’. In case of women who have heavy waist should try dresses that fits the waist comfortably and then flows downwards hiding your heavy waist.

    Remember it’s a crime to wear dresses that cling to your waist as it will reveal more than you want to hide as this will only reveal to what you are trying to hide.

    Accessories: – It is always better to wear matching and trendy jewelry and do not over accessorize. Make a complementing hair style and make up with cocktail dress.

    Follow these guidelines as they will help you opt for a better cocktail dress and enter the party in style.

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