• Posted :   Nov 17th, 2009

    curly_hair_cutCurly hairs need a great care because they are rough and dry. Reason of roughness and dryness is natural curls in the hair. Though at the same time they are beautiful and good to look at but if you do not maintain them properly make you look clunky.

    To make curly hairs look proper is a challenge but you have to take this challenge as you cannot look greasy throughout a life. Below are suggested few ways which are of great help for maintaining curly hairs.

    Use mild shampoo and condition

    Dryness is the main reason that appears curly hairs frizzy. Mild shampoo is the solution. Mild shampoos restore natural oil of hairs rather than extracting it. Never use harsh shampoos on curly hairs as they draw out natural oil from them and leave them dry and rough.

    Also shampooing should always be followed by conditioning, as it helps in replenishing the lost moisture. Shampooing hairs twice in a week is perfect for curly hairs. Shampooing and conditioning are best ways to keep curly hairs in good shape.


    Right length is very important for curly hairs. With altering your looks for good, right length also solves your trouble and worry regarding hairs and helps in managing. Curly hairs length should vary from medium to short. Also keep trimming them at regular intervals, preferably once in a month.

    Good haircut

    Good haircut is very essential for good looks. Have knowledge of which haircuts suit curly hairs and which one will suit you.

    Use thin scissors

    When go for cutting ask hairstylist to use thin scissors. Also your hairstylist should be experienced in cutting curly hairs.

    Air drying is better method

    After washing leave hairs for air drying. Blow drying is not for curly hairs as it makes curly hairs more dry and prone to breakage.

    Use wide tooth comb

    Wide tooth comb is good for combing curly hairs. It minimizes damages like hair breakage.

    Hair coloring

    Curly hair women should not go for coloring hairs as hairs appear thicker than they are. Already they have loads of volume and coloring highlight them more and make them look fuller. It wants to color hairs, opt for dark shades. After coloring, shampoo and condition hairs for a smooth and polished look.

    These tips will help in managing your dry and frizzy hairs. Also give hairs healthy look.

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