• Posted :   Jul 14th, 2009

    waxing-legsCleaning of body is important from two viewpoints, first, looking beautiful and second, feeling good about you. Even the part you do not show off should be cleaned in order to feel good.

    Cleaning legs is one of the processes of the body which is must to look and feel good. There are many ways to clean legs by removing hairs like shaving, waxing, threading or laser hair treatments. Legs look polished. Amongst all methods, waxing is the best. It is the safest method and also preferred by many women. Though waxing is quite painful but it has no side effects. It is done stepwise that are mentioned below.

    1) Selection of wax

    Foremost thing is to select the right wax that well suits your skin. There are many types of waxes available on the market. Waxes come along with an instruction label. Certainly follow them in order to avoid any mistake. Most wax need heating before use.

    2) Application method of wax

    If wax need to be heated check its temperature.  It should not be too hot else you will end up with heat burns. Next important point is before applying wax makes sure your legs are dry.

    3) Removing hairs

    After immediately applying wax before it cools, firmly press strip of cotton cloth to wax in the direction of hair growth. Smooth the strip with hand in order to place it well over hairs. Later remove strip by peeling it in the opposite direction of hair growth. Don’t pull straight up, it’s less painful to keep the strip as close to skin as possible. If you feel pains apply pressure immediately after removing the strip.

    Keep in mind at one time it’s generally not possible that all hairs will be pulled. Thus you may need to repeat the procedure if hairs remain in the area.  Repeat this process till leg is completely free of hairs. After finishing apply a lotion containing salicylic acid in order to prevent the growth of ingrown hairs.

    Waxing is an effective method that yields striking results. Like legs remain free of hairs for longer duration, it exfoliates skin, less expensive and experts say continuous waxing decreases overall hair growth. Thus little pain that too for short time can do wonders for you. Do it regularly and at the end you will certainly realize it is not as unpleasant as you thought of.

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