Walk in all Groomed for an Event Like a Ballet

A particular event, special one has to be special and unique in all terms. You can’t just get up and go for a party like that. One wants to or should look special in terms of the dress, accessories and the make-up. In short grooming is very necessary. Especially these days, when every single lady is in a rat race to look the most fashionable and trendy.

Now for an event like a ballet dance program it is really tricky as to what to wear. You have been invited to watch a reputed ballet say something like “the nutcracker” or the “Black Swan”, a lady does want to look her best owing to the fact that the ballet would see a huge number of crowd turnouts.

A few suggestions and you would look just perfect for the dance night.

*    Pick a dress that looks sober and classy. Please do not pick something that looks like a gown. It is a big turn-off. Even if the length is long, keep it way too simple yet stylish.

*     If you pick a short dress it shouldn’t be way too sexy. Again it should look modest and cute. Even a strapless dress can look modest if you know how to wear it.

*     You can also wear jeans and a nice top or a shirt. However the jeans shouldn’t be ripped or rugged.

*   For make-up; use sober colors like bronze or silver for your eyes and cheeks. Brow bones can be highlighted with metallic colors however of a lighter shade. Nude colors also look in vogue and sophisticated.

*     Accessories; the least the more classy it looks. Do not wear big loops or loud jewelry. A black dress looks perfect with just silver stud earrings and probably a wrist band or a watch.

*     And finally for your hair, please keep the messy look outside the auditorium. Your hair should be neatly done and should be in place. A nice trendy hairdo will look awesome. But messy hair doesn’t suit a pretty dress.


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