• Posted :   Feb 6th, 2012

    valentines-day-giftValentine’s Day is just round the corner and here are some amazing gifting ideas just for your girl.

    This Valentine’s Day you will have to look closely as to what would she love as the choices are numerous but you need to make the best choice for her, a lot of gifts can also be personalized just by giving them your own personal touch and make the gift truly memorable.

    Here are some gifting ideas for your partner:


    • Flowers:

    A bunch of fresh flowers refreshes the relationship and convey your feelings for her in a perfect way. Different varieties of flowers are available and each of them expresses your love for her in a unique manner like red roses conveys passion & love and white lilies shows you care whereas tulips and orchids expresses your commitment and Gardenia adds little extra to the whole feeling of love. You may choose to gift her bunch of Roses of one colour in particular number to mark your valentine day together; for instance you can gift 5 roses of different colour to mark your 5th valentine day together.

    • Chocolates:

    A gift that you can never go wrong with for your lady is Chocolates. Chocolates can light up your valentine’s eyes and sets the mood instantly. Buy Chocolates that are classy and rich not the ones available at any store. Chocolates are available in variety and that’s why you should know if your girl likes caramel or truffle if you are still in doubt go for the assorted ones with beautiful packaging.

    • Gadgets:

    A large number of women are really particular about what gadgets they are spotted using as it is an important style statement in today’s time. There are so many options that you can look into while deciding the perfect gadget for her like:

    1. Cell phones, Customized covers for the cell phones: a cell phone that you think she has her eye on or if she has a new cell phone you can always gift an amazing call phone cover.
    2. Touch pads: touch pads are really in and if your girlfriend is a tech freak this is an absolutely YES.
    3. Digital cameras: digital cameras are a beautiful way of reminding her to capture some amazing moments together.
    4. Digital photo frames: to give that wonderful personal touch a digital photo frame is a great idea and really useful.
    • Jewellery:

    What better than jewels for a women, they absolutely love it and the more the better. There can be so many different things that you can give her in jewellery like.

    Jewellery not only shows her how much you love her but it also makes her feel that you went that extra mile just for her.

    Jewellery made of gold, silver or platinum are the ones that women are in love with like:

    1. Earrings: A fantastic piece of jewellery that can show your wife how much she means to you.
    2. Floral or heart shaped rings or even a pendant that suggests how much you are in love with her and how much she means to you.
    3. A nice delicate god chain is among the finest and most elegant piece of jewellery
    • Watches:

    A beautiful time piece can be a wonderful gift for you lady love as she can wear that watch with a nice dress at an event.

    Your lady love can also wear the watch that you give her daily to the office, and it will always remind her of you and your love for her.

    A beautiful watch is a lovely token of time and love as it can show a woman how much her man knows and cares for her.

    A watch can be formal or you can also give your girl a watch that is in gold or plated gold that she can wear as a piece of jewellery ant any party or any function.

    A watch says that you will be there for her today, tomorrow and forever and your love for your lady will never change with passing time.

    • Dresses:

    In terms of dresses there are so many options that you have, you can gift your lady that particular dress she has been eyeing for a long time, or you can  even gift her something that you want to see your girl wear.

    For dresses you need to make sure you are buying the right size as an ill-fitting dress is close to a disaster.

    When you think of buying a dress, keep in mind her favourite designer or label as the princess of your heart will appreciate the fact that you were listening when she was talking about all that stuff and more over it shows that you care.

    Dresses made of silk, chiffon; denims and crepe are the ones in vogue rite now.

    A total HIT with women now days are Denims as they are easy to wear, have a comfort fit, and can be worn with a lot of mix and match options as well.

    While selecting a dress keep in mind her likes and dislikes when it comes to colour as your partner may be very selective and may not like certain colours.

    • Perfumes:

    It’s certainly not easy to choose a fragrance for your girl however if you nail it there isn’t anything that can compete with a classic fragrance.

    Every girl has a different taste in fragrance and you need to acknowledge that, as fragrances are available in a lot of different categories like: A  Floral, Earthy, Woody, Aqua, Fruity, Evening perfume, Day perfume

    You need to observe what she likes the most before you go ahead and buy her that perfume.

    • Spa vouchers:

    There is something absolutely blissful that you can do for your girl that is to get her an appointment to her favourite spa.

    You can also gift her a spa voucher for both you and her which will allow you to share some quality time with your lady, in the way she want and she can also get pampered in the most amazing way which will rejuvenate your togetherness.

    • Pet love:

    The most meaningful gift that you can give you partner is a pet, it may seem extreme but pets really help any relationship bond and also give you that family time together that  you may miss in your day to day work schedule.

    These loving animals help you de stress and keep you company.

    • A getaway:

    The best gift that you can gift your wife or girlfriend this season would be a getaway.

    You can plan a getaway well in advance so that both of you have enough holidays on hand.

    Your getaway can also be simple and can last for a weekend in case both of you are bust with work schedules.

    Plan a small holiday that would allow you to explore and travel around with each other.

    Make this Valentine’s Day memorable for the both of you in a way that when you look back in time you will always cherish these moments and have fond memories of the time you spent with each other and these gift will help you bring back time.”

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