• Posted :   Oct 15th, 2009

    mascaraMascara is one of the most used cosmetic in eye make up. It entirely changes eyes contour and give them elegant look. Eyes look very beautiful after application of mascara. On every eye it perfectly suits. Mascara makes eyelashes thick as well as longer. But all this will go in vein if mascara is not appropriate. Make sure that you buy the right mascara of right color that enhances your eyes well. Otherwise your eyes will look frumpy and may even be harmed. Refer few pointers cited below for buying the correct mascara.

    * Fix on one brand with respect to cosmetics. This applies to mascara also.

    * Always have a look at the tester of mascara before purchasing. It gives an idea of its color, consistency and type of applicator.

    * Never apply tester of mascara on your eyelashes directly as it is unhygienic. Many other would have used it before. Try on hand or somewhere else.

    * Look for your hair color before deciding on the color of mascara. They both should complement each other well. Like if you are a brunette, black mascara is for you and if you are a blonde or have light hair color, go for brown color mascara. Proportion between both should fit well.

    * Mascara comes in two forms i.e. waterproof mascara and water-soluble mascara. If you use mascara on daily basis then water soluble mascara is perfect for you but if you are a swimmer or perspire a lot then opt for water proof mascara.

    * After deciding on color and type of mascara next is to decide the type mascara brush you want. Many women go for curved brushes as they curl eyelashes giving them elegant look. But straight brushes are also good as they go to corner lashes. Choice is yours.

    * On the shop only open mascara bottle to see it is not dried. If it is, get it replaced.

    * Purchase mascara on every three months basis as it gets dried out. Therefore use it within three months.

    Follow the above tips to get the best mascara for you. This absolute makeup essential for the eyes can be worn on its own, or with additional makeup products for creating striking effect to eyes.

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