• Posted :   Feb 24th, 2011

    women's dayIt’s time to celebrate being you. A reason to rejoice! Woman’s day is being celebrated on 08 March 2011 – A day dedicated entirely to the woman and boy do we deserve it! I love how we celebrate Woman’s Day at my place. My husband and son do all the cleaning and cooking while simultaneously catering to every whim and fancy of my daughter and me. We are bundled off to the spa after an amazing lunch and dinner is a time for us to get dolled up in a brand new outfit. The day ends with dinner at a rather nice restaurant! The dinner is usually my favorite part since it gives us an excuse to get all dressed up.

    I love being a woman. I love the quiet inner strength and reserve that only a woman has. I love the fact that she can be strong and hold together her entire family in the case of a calamity but can cry over a broken leaf. She may be the last one to go to bed but the first one to wake up. She can be the gentlest word and the sweetest kiss but get on the wrong side of her and even a bee sting may be more welcome. A heart that just gives, forgives and is ever so helpful – a woman in all her complexities, is probably the greatest creation by the Lord!

    Woman’s Day is a dedication to all of that. A day to celebrate our freedom, our daily struggles and our contribution to the realm of life. Woman’s Day is a day to dress up, look our best and flaunt to the world just how proud and blessed we are to be women.

    Dress up in what pleases you the most. If cutoffs and an old tee do it for you, go ahead! To me, woman’s day is about showing my feminism off to the world, the delicacy, grace and beauty that is true only to us. Hence, I pick a dress. Over the years I’ve moved on from wearing short dresses to gorgeous gowns but I make it a point to dress up.

    A variety of beautiful outfits are available from short, ruffled princess cut dresses to elegant sheaths. The colors are just as innumerable. Reds, golds, blues, greens, yellows – there is a whole plethora of colors out there just waiting to be explored. Select one which sets your heart beating a little faster. Remember to dress up for you and no one else. If you think that green ruched dress is what you want to wear then that is what you should be wearing.

    Think empire waists, princess cuts, sweetheart necklines, shimmer, ruffles, pleats, flowing chiffon, delicate lace – the choices to define your womanhood are endless. Wrap yourself in its beauty and gorgeousness!

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