• Posted :   Jul 22nd, 2011

    Let’s put it straight and simple guys that our Hollywood Celebrities are the ones who actually get the ramp fashion on the streets; which can be followed by us. These celebrities never disappoint you when it comes to creating a fashion statement.

    We all love them for their fantastic movies and fashion sense and at the same time we hate them for that perfect figure they adorn, but you have to realize that it’s all hard work for our celebrities.

    Here is a list of top 5 favorite celebrities donning the best summer styles.

    1. Kim Kardashian

    Our very first celebrity is a famous American socialite Kim Kardashian. The one thing about Kim is that she never fails to attract and neither does her fashion mantra. This lady surely knows her fashion. Her beautiful curves have always been the feature that has been mostly spoken about. She was spotted recently wearing a black sleeveless top with a multicolored short length free flowing, high waist skirt.

    2. Pippa Middleton

     The second celebrity on our list is the famous Pippa Middleton; she was recently highlighted after the famous royal wedding. Well! this royal has whatever it takes to carry any outfit in style. Known for her high fashion styling Pippa was spotted wearing a white sleeveless top with a high waist pleated skirt paired with black color flats.

    3. Latina Eva Mendes

    Third is our very own beautiful Latina Eva Mendes. She is definitely gorgeous and has always turned heads. Recently she was spotted wearing very beautiful summer dress which had this beautiful white color leaf pattern paired with stylish wedges and a beautiful handbag.

    4. Sarah Jessica Parker

    Sarah Jessica Parker the beautiful star of the famous sitcom Sex and The City is all about comfortable high end fashion styling. She likes to keep things simple and elegant. She was spotted an event wearing a red dress with a stylish hemline made her look ravishing.

    5 Salma Hayek

    Last but not the least is Salma Hayek; this gorgeous beauty can never go unnoticed. She rocked in a body hugging draped dress which was paired with stylish boots and a gorgeous belt. She is one beauty who looks more beautiful as she ages.

    There is much more about celebrities styles that have not been mentioned like Kate Moss, Ashley Olsen, Victoria Beckham and many more which always top the fashion list for their high end fashion style. Its women power all the way.

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