• Posted :   May 10th, 2011

    A wedding dress is obviously among the more expensive investments in a wedding but completely worth every penny. It is something you will treasure for years to come. All it takes is a bit of planning to help keep your wedding gown stainless and gorgeous.

    The first and most important thing is the storage of the gown. Several bridal shops hold your wedding gown at their facility up to just a few days before the wedding. No matter what the case, whether you choose to bring your wedding dress home six days or six months prior to the wedding, proper storage is essential in order to prevent staining. If you are storing your dress for less than six months then hang it on a padded hanger in your closet. Keep it away from direct sunlight and keep plenty of space on either side of the gown in order to prevent any wrinkling. Cover your dress with a nice cotton sheet that has been washed in hot water without any bleach or detergent. This will enable ventilation. Never use plastic as this can trap condensation, leading to mildew and mustiness. In case you plan to store the dress for more than six months, then fold it neatly with acid-free tissue paper and store it in an acid-free cardboard box.



    Wedding stain makers to be wary of:

    • If your bridal bouquet includes flowers like lilies that have a large or strong-colored stamen, ask the florist to remove the pollen laden stamen before delivering the flowers.
    • Those who wish to enter through a shower of bubbles make sure your gown is not satin or silk as these fabrics are particularly vulnerable to staining from the bubble mixture. Some brands do not stain. Check for these.
    • Chocolate fountains and red wine are the most dangerous when it comes to wedding dress stains. Be really careful with these and if any of you are less than graceful then try and avoid it.
    • Be sure to wear a deodorant that is also an antiperspirant to prevent heavy staining.

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