• Posted :   Mar 24th, 2011

    hair stylesUnless you are blessed with marvelous tresses like Jennifer Aniston, we lesser mortals have to slog our way to make sure that we look good and that our hair looks fresh and bouncy. Various dresses demand different hair dos. Cocktail dresses are no different. How you style your hair when you wear a cocktail dress plays a huge role in your appearance.

    There are three major things to consider before you set about styling your hair for a cocktail party:

    1. Is your hair healthy?
    2. oes it suit you?
    3. Are you comfortable in it?

    1. Healthy Happy Hair

    Does your hair conform to the above tag line? The most basic rule to keep in mind before setting about to style your hair is to ensure that it is healthy. Healthy does not mean strong, lustrous hair like you see in ads. Healthy hair simply means well nourished and clean hair. If you are suffering from acute dandruff, then take treatment for it. Oiling your hair and washing it off with a gentle shampoo regularly also keeps it well nourished.

    If you have dull, damaged or weak hair – try and stay away as far as possible from cosmetics products like hair gels and styling mousse even for the sake of style! Nothing is worth losing your hair and putting it through cosmetic torture.

    2. Suit your shape

    A lot of websites will give you a host of style options to go with different cocktail dresses. The first thing you need to check is if it suits you – namely your face. Various haircuts suit various face cuts! Something as simple as flicks can hide a broad forehead while hair falling on the face can emphasize a prominent jaw line. Before you set about styling your hair in the most ideal fashion, check to see if the suggested style enhances your best features or your worst!

    A hairstyle you choose may not be appropriate for your cocktail dress but if it suits your face, I suggest you go with it!

    3. Comfort over any other:

    Another very important factor! You need to be comfortable in your hair do. If you have to run to the ladies room every 15 minutes to ensure that your hair looks fine or if you are too afraid to turn your head too fast then you may have problems!

    Now that you know the basics, let’s move on to the various hair dos! There are two basic styles

    • Hair swept up:

    Your hair could be in a bun around your neck, an elegant French knot or some elaborate twist! This looks especially great on women with long, graceful neck. Those with short necks can also try it out to make their neck look longer. Strapless full length gowns are probably the best options when it comes to hair swept up. It gives a look of elegance and regal panache.

    • Hair let loose:

    You could let your hair cascade around you in curls or layers or ram rod straight! This is probably best suited on short cocktail dresses or strapped, halter and high necklines

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