• Posted :   Apr 2nd, 2011

    The Red Carpet can be quite daunting. A challenge where every dress and walk and hair style is analyzed! In other words, it’s the perfect occasion to learn the various hair styles that team up with different dresses. Here are lists of celebs who outdo themselves regularly at these functions!

    1. Scarlett Johanson

    Scarlett Johansson

    This is what ScarJo chose to do to her hair at the Golden Globes! Her dress was a gorgeous shimmery nude shade and her hair, well, was blown back in a rather attractive manner. The masterpiece though was the glittering accessory to accentuate the beautiful hair do!

    2. Paris Hilton:

    Paris Hilton

    So this is a really old pic of Paris and she’s not really wearing a dress but her hair looks great. Hilton’s blonde hair is probably one of her most priced features and the healthy curls around her face seem to look good and accentuate her features!

    3. Reese Witherspoon

    Reese Witherspoon

    Reese Witherspoon’s updo looks totally fantastic. It looks healthy, cheerful and enjoyably retro. She always looks happy and her hair looks quite ecstatic too. It suited her gorgeous black and white dress perfectly and was a definite highlight!
    4. Hilary Duff

    Hilary Duff

    What she’s wearing is somewhat lost in this picture but her hair is looking awesome. Brown definitely seems to suit Hilary a lot. The flicks look great too. For some reason blonde always looked a bit heavy on her. This is this is definitely a fantastic au naturel change!

    5. Hailee Steinfeld:

    Hailee Steinfeld

    Jeff Bridges is probably pointing to her fabulous hair do. Somehow the thought of combining a hair band with a nice fluffy gown as well as a beautiful bun is quite unconventional but looks utterly fantastic!

    6. Jennifer Aniston:

    Jennifer Aniston

    To talk about celeb hair and not mention the beautiful Miss Aniston along with her gorgeous locks would be a crime. Her hair is very pretty and in a very usual style – almost always down and left loose. Yet the changes in her hair are melodramatically fabulous. Take note of the changed hair lengths! As her hair gets shorter – the strength of her sharp chain is also cut down. She looks more delicate and her face shape suddenly looks far more beautiful.

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