• Posted :   Aug 19th, 2011

    Fashion can be your royal friend, but there are times when it might ditch you. To remain fashionable always and forever is totally in your hands. What you make or break in terms of fashion is your call. To make things easier for everyone here are a list of 10 fashion bloopers one should avoid.

    * Wear clothes that are your size. Anything too loose or too tight is a big fashion mistake one can make. For example: If you are healthy do not wear tight fitting clothes just because you saw someone else wearing it. It will or might not suit you even if you have purchased a strikingly similar dress.
    * It is a turn off to wear clothes that are not ironed neatly. Gone are the days when you can tell that the dress has a crushed look and people will believe you. Now-a-days everyone can differentiate between a crushed look and a not ironed dress.
    * Don’t jump at every style that comes in the fashion scene. Ensure that it suits you, your body type and your personal sense of style and fashion. So do not follow any fashion blindly. Make your decisions wisely. For example: If wearing shorts are the latest trend then face it, you don’t have perfect legs so do not flaunt them.
    * Wearing bold colors at sober events are something that everyone should avoid
    * Accessorize your dress poorly and trust me all the look you have yearned for will go down the drain. So do not wear side bags with a pretty dress and do not wear a stiletto with something sporty.
    * Wear the right lingerie. Many thinking flaunting bra lines are up-to-the-minute. Well it is not, it looks tacky and not trendy.
    * One dress should not have more than 3 colors. Too many colors do not really look good. So avoid making that mistake.
    * Prints and patterns look good only on some. So if you planning to wear something that has prints then please take a third person’s advice.
    * Loud make-up is a big no-no. It looks very cheesy.
    * Finally carrying a fake attitude will not impress anyone. So be natural and be you.

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