• Posted :   May 20th, 2011

    The Met ball 2011 just done – we have a fresh range of red carpet dresses and cocktail dresses to talk about. From short, see through gowns to long, flowing creations, here are the list of celebrities who completely killed it at the glamorous event:

    Diane Kruger:

    Diane chose a Calvin Klein outfit (she’s the new face of their new perfume) and she looks absolutely stunning. It looks more like a vintage gown and does her complete justice. The whole clean look is very refreshing after her stint with ruffles at the awards a while back!


    The somber effect is rather pretty, the detailing is quite stunning and the ice blue up top is fantastic. The whole get up is excellent, the dress matches her complexion perfectly and the hair and accessories make her look sultry and chic. A total thumbs up for this lovely lady!

    Ashley Greene:

    Sure her party dress concept is tried and tested and yet Ashley makes the dress look really pretty. Talk about lending your cocktail gown personality! The glitter on the nude shade, the cute little clutch, the hair – all make her look radiant and rather fetching.

    Hayley Atwell:

    Amid shades of blacks, whites and nudes, in walks Miss Atwell with her neon shaded gown and the beauty of it is that she successfully manages to redefine the term ‘looking like a million bucks’. A color like that takes guts to carry off. You don’t see a lot of celebs opting for fluorescent red carpet gowns and yet here is Hayley looking absolutely glamorous in one. A simple but groovy orange dress with leather panels on the side – Hayley knows how to dress up!

    Zoe Saldana:

    Will this woman ever make a mistake? The dress may be supremely simple and yet she seems to be working it superbly just like every other dress she owns. Well now we know that Zoe has more than acting talents – she has dressing up talents as well! (Are you paying attention Lindsay Lohan?)

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