• Posted :   Mar 25th, 2011

    tall womenWomen who have height are always admired. A lady or even a man for that matter with good height almost always creates an impression when walking into a room. Height, more often than not, is always associated with a strong personality. Tall women are automatically head turners. They radiate a certain sex appeal and confidence that is hard to resist. Of course, for every set of pros there have to be a set of cons attached! Having good height is like a double edged sword. While it gets you plenty of attention, even the smallest error is noticed. Since tall women are naturally associated with confidence their body language is of utter importance. Immaturity always tends to look misplaced. It is extremely essential to be on your toes (not quite literally, since height is obviously not an issue) all the time!

    Here are a few tips that every tall woman should keep in mind:

    1. Never slouch!

    The most important of the lot has to be ‘never slouch’. A lot of tall women face that problem. Just because they are taller than most men in the room they tend to slouch. There is nothing more unattractive than a tall woman who slouches. It goes against the whole persona. The way a tall woman carries herself is of utmost importance. Height is a blessing and should be utilized fully.

    2. Body language!

    A tall woman’s body language is usually watched more keenly even at a sub conscious level. People in a room always notice a tall woman. Height is often associated with maturity and confidence. Childish behavior is a bid turn off. The way a tall girl carries herself makes a big difference!

    3. Clothing!

    Once again, clothing pretty much defines a tall woman. Clothing is usually noticed by everyone and on everyone – tall, short, petite, plus sized and so on. Double the ‘notice factor’ when it comes to tall women!

    Tall women should always opt for mature clothes! Mature meaning trendy, of course, but more sophisticated. Thanks to being tall, they can carry off a huge a variety of clothing. So take advantage of it!

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