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  • Posted :   Jun 23rd, 2011

    Petite basically means women who stand below 5’3” (1.64m) and not someone with a tiny, thin frame. Petite women often have quite a few difficulties in grappling with many of today’s runway-look styles and cuts. Now while willowy waif can probably carry off a lot more trends than you can, you stand a few advantages that they probably will never have. Petite women can look as fashionable and hot as the next woman. Just look at Shakira and Sarah Michelle Gellar. They may be petite but their dressing never shows that on screen.

    Just follow a few fashion tips and believe it or not, you’re just as ready as the next woman to make a fashion impression. What you need to do is create an illusion of length. It doesn’t matter if you have shorts legs or a short torso, just learn these simple dressing tips:

    *  Avoid cutting your body in half:

    One of the most important tips of learning how to dress is to learn how not to cut your body into half. For an illusion of length, you need to pick out a sleek, single body look which basically translates into shopping smarter. The rule of the game is more height and less width. Choose single, solid colored dresses for both the top and bottom half. Dark colors help give off a sleeker look and remember monochromes are your best friend.

            *  Beware of belts:

    Short women and belts don’t gel quite well together. Wearing a belt around your waist simply breaks your body into two halves and we know how wrong that is. Empire cut dresses are a huge fad these days; low waist dresses are quite trendy too. Short women have to be rather careful while selecting belts since everything from the size of the buckle to the width of the belt matter.

          *   Stripes, prints and patterns:

    Horizontal stripes are a fashion faux pas for plus size women and petite women. Both need to stay as far away as possible form them. Vertical stripes are more the path to follow. They create an illusion of length. Pin striped dresses or skirts look gorgeous on short women. Look for dresses with vertical lines rather than horizontal ones, you’ll be surprised what a different it makes to your height.

    You also need to stay away from wide patterns, small prints and big florals. Go for vertical-style prints such as a long paisley swirls or flowers with stalks, ascending down the garment.

            *  Skirts and Dresses

    Never select pencil skirts especially if you have short legs. It works to emphasize how short your legs really are and that is not a good thing. Full length skirts do not give an illusion of length irrespective of popular belief. Petite women look best in skirts ending just above the knee. Alternatively, picking out a sleek cut maxi dress (not a maxi-skirt with volume) with a pair of high-heels, will have an elongating effect, providing the dress is of a slimming color or print. Mini dresses and mini skirts also look great.

  • Posted :   Apr 29th, 2011

    What do you think is the difference between today’s wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton and everyone else’s? There is a bride and groom in both! There is plenty of cheer and crying in both! The difference of course lies in the money sent on the wedding and the logistics involved!

    The royal wedding is a public spectacle n itself – once again something you would not be having and is supposedly costing the happy couple a whopping GBP 80 million. Now your budget may be a little lesser than that but you can be assured of a grand wedding yourself. The idea is to make the most of what you’ve got.

    The highlight of the royal wedding of course has to be Kate Middleton’s wedding gown just like the highlight of your wedding will be yours. Of course every single detail of your wedding may not be compared to that of Princess Diana’s but that does not mean that you take any less time picking out the bridal gown.

    Your whole wedding may cost you about USD 27,000 on an average including the flowers, music photography and party favors. The royal wedding costs 10 times the amount in pounds! But then again the royal couple does not have to spend on a venue since Buckingham Palace is quite easily at their disposal. Then again the caterers are coming free too!

    For obvious reasons the wedding reception will be a colossal undertaking. There will be two reception parties hosted by the queen and Prince Charles. The queen will be inviting about 600 guests for a breakfast reception while Prince Charles will be hosting a dinner reception for about 300 guests.

    There are loads and loads of speculation about Kate’s wedding dress. People have been betting on everything from a vintage wonder to an ivory piece by reputed designers! Thankfully for you, there is not as much pressure! Always pick out a gown that flatters you to the limit and makes you look fantastic! You may not be the future princess of England but you deserve just as much of praise and attention!

  • Posted :   Apr 12th, 2011

    The golden anniversary or 50 years of married life together is probably the most celebrated and cherished wedding anniversaries. And rightly so! Spending 50 years of your life or rather half a century in love with the same person makes a magnificent declaration about the beauty of married life.

    So as you renew your marriage vows together or just plan a get-together or have a huge celebration here are some personal and meaningful 50th wedding anniversary ideas for your wife guaranteed to leave her more in love with you than before.

    As a thank you for her fidelity and being with you all these years and putting up with you gift her gold.  Gold is the perfect symbol for a golden anniversary and is the purely traditional approach. It symbolizes purity and durability. Gold lasts through the worst of conditions just like a couple celebrating their 50th anniversary has gone through the ups and downs of life together.

    Remind your wife why you fell in love with her. The way she looked, her soft eyes or the way she carried herself. Make her feel beautifully feminine. The best way to make your wife blush again is to gift her a gorgeous dress. Every woman loves being pampered. Go all out for your 50th anniversary. Get your wife and companion a beautiful one piece dress.

    You probably know her dressing style the best. Select something that will suit her age and her body type. Mature colors like navy blue or a deep green look awesome. Once you pick out a flattering gown for your wife get her a full beauty makeover complete with spa treatment, a manicure, pedicure and so on. Your wife will be radiant with joy! A dress is a brilliant idea even for a couple on a budget. Theer are plenty of gorgeous and affordable dresses online. Remember to order from a trusted website though.

    A golden wedding anniversary should be treasured. It is a celebration of 50 years of memories and 50 years of holding each other’s hand and supporting the other.  Celebrate this love and gift your wife a small thank you.

  • Posted :   Apr 5th, 2011

    Milestone birthdays are extra special. In other words, extra thought has to be put in to get great gifts. Eighteenth birthdays are probably among the most special. They are among the first milestone birthdays that are remembered by the birthday girl. It is the celebration of her becoming an adult! An 18th birthday is always a huge mark in any girl’s life!

    While picking out an 18th birthday gift, ensure that the gift Is actually useful to the birthday girl and not something that she just shoves into the back of the closet. Personalize and accessorize the gift. No matter what budget is set for a gift always leave space for small add-ons. Quantity sometimes matters as much as quality. Don’t forget to wrap up the gifts well. Half the fun of a gift is in unwrapping it and checking out what’s inside!

    18th Birthday Gift Ideas For Girls:

    1. Dress:
    A dress is probably one of the most fantastic things that can be purchased for an 18 year old. Remember the dress that is purchased should never be too mature. Instead something in light fabrics and bright colors would do wonderfully. Avoid picking out a dress with excess skin show. The birthday girl may be celebrating womanhood but the transition should be gentle and graceful.

    2. Accessories:
    One can never go wrong with accessories. They could even be an additional gift with the dress purchased. The whole effort itself will be appreciated. Accessories like earrings and chains are always fun gifts! Accessories are especially a good choice for those with a limited budget.

    3. Beach dress:
    A wacky but a sensible gift idea! An 18 year old is bound to head to the beach – and quite often at that. Gift her beautiful beach dress. If you know what color swim wear she owns, then that’s even better. The good thing about beach dresses is that it’s not hard to find the right size!

    4. Cosmetics:
    An excellent choice for 18 year old, cosmetics is something that every 18 year old would love to own. Remember to purchase only quality products.

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