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  • Posted :   Jan 6th, 2012

    Deciding on the best style complimenting your looks is the most crucial and difficult part of prom event. But there are many winning combination and designs that can help you make a strong statement this prom with imposing silhouettes. So dress to impress in dazzling fabrics, sexy halters, princess opulence, elegant ruching, beaded extravaganza and glamorous hi-lows. Choose the most captivating and engaging style this prom and look simply stunning.

    The prom dress classification as per the body shapes are –

    • Ravishing Halters
    • Perfect Princess
    • Bead Dazzler
    • Ruched Effect
    • Hi-low glams

    Ravishing Halters

    Go explosive in halters this season and ignite this prom night. This impending style looks chic and fashion forward for all formal and black tie events. Halters will set in the right mood and make you look absolutely stunning with all glamour and glitz. Be it a string halter or strap beaded halter necklines, you will be a head turner.

    halter dresses Perfect Princess

    Be a prom princess in our seductive and embellished prom gowns and dresses for this prom. This season is all about being a perfect prom princess and you certainly can be the one with stunning princess style dresses in vibrant colors for prom mood.

    princess dress

    Bead Dazzler

    This prom season is all to make you more prim and elegant with a distinct beadwork details and embellishments. This year is all about beads and beadings with tonal and metallic- encrusted or sprinkled, depending on your occasion to wear the prom. Beads will add a sparkle to your formal attire and make you dazzle through the prom night.

    beadded dress

    Ruched Effect

    Looking swanky is the only mantra for the prom and finding out ways to look lean in flowing styles accentuating and emphasizing your silhouette at the right place can be attained with that ruching effect. So you need ruching at the right place be it a normal waist or gathered empire waistline. Side shirring, back shirring or ruching at the sleeves can add a dose of instant appeal and sophistication to your look. So go ahead and get ruched effect in your wardrobe.ruched dress

    Hi-low glams

    Feel the magnificence of your prom in asymmetrical hi-low hem this season. Drape in this hi-low passion with a short hem in the front and longer in the back. Look no less than a princess in this unique and adorable dress with fun and flirty hemline, sure to dazzle everyone around with its royal entrance and dramatic exit. It’s a great alternative because it’s short enough to dance in but long enough to look dressy. Those of you who can’t choose between the formal full length or the bold attempt to go short, don’t sweat it. Choose this hi/low dress- shorter in the front and longer in the back. Sound weird? Maybe, but the look screams glamour. Try walking into a room full of long gowns. I’m sure you can guess- all eyes on you!hi low hem dress

  • Posted :   Oct 11th, 2010

    Every contemporary woman has this hidden desire to look like a diva, to wear clothes that truly make them stand out from the crowd. Fashion is entrenched in every woman’s life. With the advent of new creations, women can only feel happy about the fact that they can make the most of this ongoing fashion revolution. There are myriad designs available these days that truly make you look like a red carpet diva. Voguish patterns are ruling the roost and innovative creations are thronging the fashion arena.

    Red Carpet DressesThe new trend that has struck a chord with a lot of fashion conscious women is the red carpet fashion. Gowns that are synonymous with the red carpet style are the new flavor of the season. They are designed keeping the needs of the modern woman in mind, her need to look pretty and ravishing at the same time.

    Red carpet styles that are truly worth experimenting with,

    • A red strapless multi tiered gown is a must in your red carpet collection. It will give you the much needed confidence to strut around with supreme style and grace. The strapless style is definitely an icing on the cake. A brooch studded on the waistline complements the distinctive nature of a true diva really well.
    • The distinctive appeal of a floor length satiny gown is unmatchable. The combination of a stone studded bodice and a sophisticated bolero jacket is sure to make you look like a million bucks. The stone studded style adds the much needed bling to your starlet like appearance.
    • The red carpet assortment is incomplete without an unconventionally designed creation. A strapless floor length gown with a ruche bodice and a ruffled bottom is sure to enhance your appearance in a very aesthetic manner. A color like yellow or pink would complement your feminine persona really well.
    • Ruche dresses impart a very elegant look to your personality. A gold ruche dress with a flower appliqué on the bodice would make you look nothing less than ravishing and pretty. A style like this is a boon for fashion conscious women who like to don pretty and unconventional styles.
    • You can opt for a gold colored mermaid cut strapless gown if you really want to create an impression and look remarkably striking at the same time. You are sure to look different in this distinctive pattern.

    Whenever there’s a grand shindig round the corner, a ravishing red carpet gown would only make you the cynosure of all eyes. Accessorize your look in the best possible way, team it up with a swanky pair of stilettos and no one can stop you from sashaying around in style.

  • Posted :   Jun 25th, 2010

    women dressThe contemporary youth is bursting with exuberance, curiosity and high spirits. Their contribution to the society is imperative and for that their voices need to be heard. ‘United Nations’ has recognized this need and come up with a significant day like ‘International Youth Day’ that is celebrated very year on the 12th of August with great zest and energy.

    Having a presentable demeanor is of supreme importance on such an occasion. Every girl would want to stand out from the colossal crowd and feel like a million bucks in a pretty looking dress. Having an issue that is worth talking about and an appearance worth flaunting would be the perfect harmonious combination for a woman to have on youth day. A chic evening dress or gown would do complete justice to a young girl’s personality on such an occasion. The younger generation’s contribution to the society cannot be quantified in numbers. Their voices are active and their actions are prominent all around. Especially the modern young woman has fearlessly left a mark in nearly all spheres today, right from media to politics. She knows the importance of not just using her mind constructively but also sprucing up her appearance in a smart and stylish way.

    Experimentation doesn’t work on a day like this. It’s an important day and you need to make sure you pick up something you are comfortable wearing. Colors like black and white are the universal glamour colors; they look gorgeous, no matter what occasion. Fabrics like stain, chiffon and organza would be perfectly suitable for a grand shindig of this nature. Frilly knee length dresses, sweetheart necklines, one shoulder patterns, deep V necklines, ruffled hem dresses etc are worth giving a try. The shutter pleated pattern is very much in vogue lately. If you have an outgoing personality and do not mind donning something unconventional, a shutter pleated dress would truly complement your personality. Subtle colors like light pinks and angelic whites would be apt for girls who prefer flaunting a subtle and a feminine style.

    The key to get noticed would be to wear the right attire. A warm genuine smile on the face would be the perfect accessory with that pretty dress you choose to wear. If you don’t want to stick to conventional colors like black or white, you can try fuchsia, gold or yellow. They would make you look edgy and also prominent in a way.

  • Posted :   May 19th, 2009
    womens style

    womens style

    Winning beauty pageant competition is every girl’s dream. This high level event in which girls from different countries of the world participate does not only look for beauty, dress and make up but poise, confidence and fitness also matters much.

    Though everything counts but main eye catching thing is the beauty, which is easily visible and can be decided in a minute’s time who is the most beautiful one. Now the question arising in your mind is, ‘what I should do to look beautiful?’? This article comprises those beauty tips that can earn you the title of most beautiful girl of the pageant. These tips work great for women taking part in this beauty circuit and want to look them as a beauty pageant winner. Below are given beauty grooming tips.

    Impeccable grooming beauty tips

    • Do use self tanner of your skin only, do not overdue it. It gives a very healthy look to skin. Tanner of some other color gives fake look and very unnatural also.
    • Dress also plays a great role in winning pageant. Hence your pageant gown should complement your silhouette, skin tone and make your appearance. It is one of the most important beauty tips, as it greatly enhances beauty.
    • Focus on enhancing your assets. Entire focus on hiding flaws will let down your assets.
    • Concealer should be applied as much is needed. Do not over do else it will be clearly visible on skin. It is a beauty staple of fashionable women to get a flawless complexion.
    • Apply concealer prior to foundation for a beautiful and smooth look. It disguises blemishes on the skin.
    • Deep red and brown color lipstick suit fair complexioned and dark hair women. Use gray and brown color eye shadow.
    • Keep blush to minimal. Do not overdue; else you will look like clown.
    • If having small eyes use eyelash curler.
    • Keep eye shadow to the minimal. The more you put will make eyes look smaller, while light eye shadow highlights them and gives open look.
    • If want to make eyes look larger use false eyelashes but it should of the exact color of your lashes.
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