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  • Posted :   May 10th, 2012

    Fashion is small part of culture. It is universal but not particular. Fashion reflects your way of behavior and social civilization. Fashion is like advertisement or marketing of products that has to notice and grasp attention in presence of competitive product. Your skills, background almost everything is judged in secondary stage but the way you dress up, represent yourself in proper manner of fashion prints, impress in prime stage.

    Fashion Trends
    In such a competitive and commercial world, every individual has to take effort to look smart. Fashion is not only about covering body with expensive branded outfits with lots of makeup and jewelry but also about assembling this entire thing at proper time, place with matching arrangement of accessories.

    Man is a social animal and keeps on civilizing as per changing surrounding. Some follow fashion whereas some make fashion. It is not only celebs who makes fashion makeover but a local individual can start a new fashion in boring society with spice of creativity and experimentation. The only thing between a celeb and common man is that a celeb endorses his/her style statement on large and big scale whereas common man represents style in between common friends or some group of people.

    To follow fashion in true sense the convenient way is internet world; it is available with foremost fashion tips of do’s and don’ts. Internet has brought world near. You can follow world’s rarest fashion style and pertain in your daily route. A tribal fashion seems to be ruling in contemporary urban world in form of tattoos, body piercing, tribal prints in clothing etc. Whereas American style, body fitting shirt with nice trouser is most recommended and accepted as professional or formal attire in any corporate and commercial world.

    Fashion is very complex and confusing by the time. It has lots of material which will attract you. But keep in mind which mold of its will suit you and keep you even comfortable. Hairstyle is another sub point of fashion. Clothes can be replaced or can be brought new as per change trend in fashion whereas final haircut remains for long and can’t be changed before time even if you desire. Rather experimentation on hairs, take some suggestion from friends or some who have sense of hair styling etc before applying any kind of hairstyling like haircut or hair color.

    Colored hairs or any trendy funky style is not recommended for official or professional. Just be simple and natural with nice comb hair. Formal fashion is strict and bit restricted in compare of informal fashion. Formal fashion is resembled with discipline and sophistication whereas in informal fashion you can break the rules and go for any style or trend.

    It is always recommendable by stylist or fashion adviser to pick up attire which impresses your own eye and rather others. Go for styling which is need of your body structure. A person body figure and size is god gifted. No need to be pity or to be regretted on it. Think of fashion which can flatter you with present body structure to defeat taunt world of criticism and have a round of applause.

    Project your best image with impressive fashion sense. Hammer people’s view with your iconic transcending style, no matter your size, petite or full. Your well managed fashion may even bring complex to a prefect toned body figure.

  • Posted :   Jan 6th, 2012

    fashion forecast 2012

    Trends always start on the runway but art can reinvent itself, this reinvented art has penetrated our lives in the form of home decor, home appliances, graphic designing and even styling. There are many trends that are yet to be released for the year 2012 but have been finalized and waiting an approval from the roving eyes of the utmost fashion gurus of the world.


    The fashion confident people do not have to wait any further as the 2012 fashion styles and trends have been revealed. This fashion packed and paced year is full of fashionable and colorful dresses which also include stylish and trendy accessories.  The complete collection is inspired from the past but defines a fashionable future for fashionisats in the present.


    The futuristic collection is actually all about the incursion of new technology. In some years you will notice clothing attire that will also be able to recharge mobile phones on the go and will be made of solar panels…Its time to say goodbye to the old jeggings and hello to the tailored pants and tunics. There is no doubt that the fashion forward thinkers will be investing in the fabrics like cotton, silks and knits….


    Let’s give you a peek as to what future fashion looks like:


    The Fashionable Plants: Citrus fruits are replaced with more healthy vegetables this year. The plants, vegetable and fruits have offered a whole new dimension to the fashion world. Even after the surrealists the fashion designers have been re-interpreted. The stylish and classy way of adorning these dresses is by combining them with beautiful accessories.


    Pencil Skirts: This hip defying pencil skirts is a must have for the year 2012 in every wardrobe. They are well known for their formal attire, but now they can be adorned for casual occasions as well. Go for a causal look wearing an oversized shirt with these skirts and redefine your chic look.


    Capri :  Yes! You read it right, this fashion still exists; the vintage fashion of the 50s is back and is looking much more stylish and trendy than ever. It’s a perfect way to showcase your feminine assets and reveal your ankles.

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