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  • Posted :   Mar 28th, 2011

    The celeb world would be so boring without the dresses from ‘Weirdom ‘. What would we write about if everyone dressed fantastically? Celeb bloopers happen often enough but the real joy lies in those who just refuse to see the light of good fashion and have created their own niche in randomness and given a whole new meaning to ‘weird’.

    Katy Perry

    Katy perry

    Sigh! We all know how Katy Perry loves to show off and she’s not quite partial either; she’s willing to literally show off everything at the slightest chance though to be fair she does shoe especial favoritism to her ahem upper body!

    Lady Gaga:

    lady gaga

    She loves her boots this one! All twelventy inches of them! Lady Gaga has an absolute love for ridiculously high heels and ridiculously complicated dresses. From hair feathers to colorful, disorganized ruffles – I know where she gets her inspiration from. It’s from her friend’s three year old kids drawings!



    I adore a strong woman and hence I adore Ke$ha right from her mighty thighs that could put the great Rock to shame to the tip of her vampire promoting hair style. Look carefully – she does look a bit like Edward Cullen at some point!

    Leona Lewis

    Leona Lewis

    Maybe, just maybe it’s a singer thing! May be all singers love neck ruffles that could also pass as my 2 year old niece’s tutu. Maybe all singers like wearing what can only be described as a shiny bra. Maybe all singers like wearing maternity pants below that and maybe all singers like to wear intricately carved eye patches. I’m not sure but maybe it’s possible!

    Taylor Momsen

    Taylor Momsen

    I guess it’s been a while since the poor girl has been invited to a formal dance and I now know why. It’s probably because all her hosts and guests are really really frightened of her! It could, of course be courtesy the strange masks she chooses to wear to formal gowns r maybe that’s just an innovative way to hide that zit that suddenly pooped up. Who knows? Maybe Momsen is actually quite ingenious and has managed to create a mask out of all that funny material hanging out from her ill fitting gown! We shall never know!

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