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  • Posted :   Jun 7th, 2011

    Summer is party season. You are bound to be invited to a plethora of places for some fun and laughs. Here are the parties you are most likely to get invited to and some of the best attire for the parties:

    1.  Fireworks Party on the Fourth of July:

    Select a fine short skirt. Straight fit and fun. Combine it with a nice low necked top and add to it a simple cotton jacket. Add a pair of stilettos and you can be sure to hear a lot more than just fireworks in the sky!

         2.  Beach Wedding:

    If it’s summer time then you are bound to be invited to at least one beach wedding. Select something nice and ruffled in beautiful bright color. Whites would also work wonderfully. It could be breezy though so select a straight fitting dress and keep away from long hemlines and floor length gowns.

        3. Office Cocktail Party:

    A formal skirt or a formal one piece dress would look absolutely gorgeous. Just beware not to go too short or too shiney and glittering.

        4. Pool Party:

    Pool parties are the absolute best. It’s time for you to have fun and how. Select a nice short cocktail dress that makes you look sexy, sassy and cool. Go for a tube dress or a nice halter dress. Short, frilly and cute is the way to go! Don’t forget your sun screen.

        5. Late-Night Bonfire:

    Something warm, preferably not wool. Fleece is good. Thick cotton would do well too. A nice warm dress or a simple one with a nice woolen jacket would look fantastic.

        6. Black-Tie Wedding:

    If you have been invited to a black tie wedding or a black tie event, to which you are invited then select a gorgeous cocktail dress or a beautiful red carpet gown. Think a nice silk fabric or a nice chiffon dress. Short or long – both are excellent choices.

        7. Afternoon Barbecue:

    If there’s a pool, a bikini or a gorgeous swim suit with some personality would look smart and sexy.

        8. Clambake:

    A nice short dress with a jacket and a nice thick waist belt would look exquisite.

  • Posted :   Apr 21st, 2011

    Have you ever noticed how beauty is a conversation starter? Men claim that they can bond over a good glass f lager. Women can do the same just exchanging beauty tips. There are hundreds and thousands of beauty tips available – the ones your mother knows, the secret family tips, the hundred thousand ones provided by the internet, beauty books, beauty soaps, beauty adverts and so on.

    What is beauty then? Is beauty about having fairer skin like that promoted by hundreds of beauty products or is it about being slim like the eons of fashion models or is it even about wearing the right clothes? Beauty is about neither. Beauty is entirely about and yourself.

    Beauty does not come from wearing loads of make up or the latest fads. It comes from an innate confidence. A confident woman is probably the most attractive person in the room. A huge part of the beauty equation also lies in honesty and authenticity. People can sense sincerity from a mile away. Besides, it is so much easier to be yourself instead of putting on a pretense.

    Learn to be your very own role model. Don’t aim to be like the latest Hollywood actress on the block. Aim to be yourself and work with what you have. Aim to be the best you can be. Give yourself your full 100%. Learn to love yourself. When you accept yourself it shows and that shines through more brightly than any cosmetic product ever invented. Your personality, energy and truthfulness are some of the biggest turn-ons that you can possess. Learn to groom those!

    Do not mistake frumpiness for being beautiful. Learn to dress well. While this does not mean that you have to rush to own the latest style, it does mean that you should dress smartly and accentuate your feminism. Dress in what makes you feel comfortable and good about yourself. Appreciate your own look first! It could be a beautiful dress or a nice cocktail gown – the point is to buy something that accentuates your personality!

    You are beautiful, so own it!

  • Posted :   Apr 18th, 2011

    Almost every single girl takes the constant effort to look gorgeous and dress up every day. Somewhere along the line they find Mister tall, dark and handsome who happens to be loving, kind and caring; love blossoms; the initial phase f knowing each other begins, the couple falls in love and before you know it a year passes. The changes start taking place soon after. The ‘honeymoon phase’ as it is called starts to wane. In its place comes a quiet existence and acceptance. The excitement gets lost somewhere along the way. Instead of dressing up to look gorgeous, you now dress up to look presentable. STOP!

    It’s time to add that punch in the relationship. Show your man why he fell in love with you in the first place! It’s time to go all out and create a dazzling impression. Here are a few tips to add that sizzle in your everyday lives:

    1. Dress up for your man:

    Visual impact is the largest stimulant for a man. Your guy would love to see you all dressed up and knowing that you’ve done it only for him adds the further feeling of warmth into it. Remember how fun your first dates were? Go all out and dress up like that! Soft chiffon dresses, high heels and a glittering smile to top it off is the most lethal and irresistible combination.

    1. Find occasions to pamper and spoil your partner:

    Everyone loves being loved. Indulge your man! Spoil him, cuddle him; look for the tiniest opportunity to make him smile. Surprise him with his favorite dessert; break the routine!

    1. Try spontaneous hugging:

    Surprises always work best in a relationship. Hug your partner when he least expects it! Hug him like you mean it and you will notice a marked difference in your man’s attitude towards you!

    1. Surprise him:

    Leave little notes for him! You could build anticipation for a romantic interlude at night or simply send him a thank you note for always being there for you no questions asked! Give him a nice long massage – the choices are endless!

  • Posted :   Apr 13th, 2011

    Simple and minimalist seems to be the latest trend riding the fashion block! Need proof? Just check out the most glamorized and spoken about events in celeb tinsel town – the Oscars! A strangely large number of rather gorgeous celebs opted for simple flattering gowns instead of a host of plunging necklines and ruffles. Of course, the fair share of those was also available; yet simplicity outshone it all.

     Simple dresses were the outstanding and loved look. High neck lines also made it to the top list. Here are a few celebs that completely rocked it at the Oscars with their sheer simplicity and gorgeousness.

    • Ashley Tisdale:


    A beautiful gold color, the dress Tisdale wore was quite stunning. A lovely high neck line and a delicately belted waist looked absolutely fantastic on her. She looked young, pretty and quite stunning.

    • Marisa Tomei:

    So this is what Marisa Tomei wore to the after parties but it was attractively simple without too much skin show. The bright pink color looked glorious on her and was a pleasant change from the throngs of reds surrounding her.

    • Michelle Williams:

    Her outfit had a slight vintage look to it. Dressed in bead and lace work, once again Michelle Williams has picked a dress out of the ordinary. A simple white color with a high neck, this gown looked fantastic on her.

    • Amy Adams:

    The necklace might not work with the dress but there is absolutely no denying that her gown is pretty. Blessed with a simple high neck and sleeves, the outfit is merely a body clinging shimmering sheath and yet it looks spectacular.

    • Kate Beckinsale:

    A dress quite similar to that of Amy Adams and no less spectacular! Once again a high neckline, full sleeves and a shimmering body hugging sheath have worked out a wonderful blend together. These women have just gone out of their way to get across a public message – you do not need huge amounts of cleavage or leg showing to look gorgeous on the red carpet. Jennifer Lopez are you listening?

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