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  • Posted :   Nov 3rd, 2012

    So finally the shopping for the best and most exotic looking red dress is over and you might now certainly want to get that perfect complementing make up over you. Sometimes wearing a red dress would be very much of an easy task but complimenting a certain kind of make up to your red dress may surely take a lot of your precious time, one of the main reason being an immense level of concentration and make up choosy factor.

     Make Up

    In case of any other colored dress, even if the make has been done in such a way that doesn’t compliment the dress worn, one can easily attach certain elements that might over shadow every negative aspect. But in case of a red dress, there could be hardly anything done as result, the margin of error is very minimum in terms of a red dress. One should know exactly what make up would be the right as one as there is no going back once the make up is done.

    Here are some of the best make up tips for you so that you get that perfect sensational look while draping in the most adorable red dress:

    A woman’s make up sense is flaunted by means of just three aspects

        •    Her face
        •    Her eye
        •    Her lips

    Those women who know exactly what make up would be the best one keenly based on these three aspects may surely get that exotic look.


    The first and the most important step that women should always keep in to consideration are applying the concealer. Concealer is always something which acts as the base of your make up. If in case the concealer is applied in an improper manner then the whole make up would get spoilt. To match up the red dress it would always be preferable to opt for a concealer that suits your skin tone. The concealer should not be either to dark or even too light to display the flaws within the face.


    Remember one thing, if one need to get that smoky look over a red dress then surely it would be preferable to have that smoky eye make up as well. Applying a bit of your concealer in the lid of the eye and then completing the process using a charcoal pencil would surely be fun and give you that immense exquisite look. An apple colored eye shade would be really adorable to compliment your red dress.

    Make up for Lip:

    Sometimes selecting a perfect lipstick matching to your red dress is somewhat confusing. For those who have got those natural red lips, they must surely go for a dark red colored lipstick as it may truly compliment the red dress in a big way. The other best thing to do would be matching the color of your lipstick to that your lips thus making it look more natural.

  • Posted :   Jun 18th, 2011

    An excellent outfit designed to sway away your mind. An perfectly embellished waistline is the most eye catchy feature. A designer hemline is what makes this beautiful outfit drop like a classic drape. The A-line pattern enhances your feminine side.

    Opulent One Shoulder Dress

    Price: $ 550

  • Posted :   Aug 9th, 2010

    dresses styles

    The highlight and the unique selling proposition of any attire would be its style. The style is what makes the whole attire look distinct and makes it stand out from others. We have to make sure that whatever style we choose, complements our personality and matches our own individual taste. Styles and trends form an indispensable part of any fashion conscious woman’s life, but styles alone are what give the quintessential contemporary woman the individual fashion identity. The woman who is sure about what style she should adopt and experiment with and doesn’t follow trends blindly saves herself from being a fashion victim.

    Evening dresses come in various styles and it’s a boon for women that they get to make the most of these innovative creations.
    A few styles that are all the rage lately;

    Beaded Styles: Beaded dresses have an aura of distinctiveness about them. They are painstakingly created with a lot of dexterity and by a set of adepts. Gowns with a lot of bead and sequin work are apt for women who have a penchant for jazzy outfits. A little sparkle on the dress always gives your style a subtle hint of elegance and femininity. Gowns with intricate bead work are easy to find and there must be one in every fashion conscious woman’s closet.

    Elegant ones: Elegant attires are the ones that exude sophistication to the hilt. They can be formal dresses, dresses made of rich and luxurious fabrics, unconventional textures, stylish necklines, ornate patterns etc. Elegant gowns or dresses can be worn for that most awaited prom party, spinster’s night out or an exclusive office shindig. Sweetheart necklines, one shoulder styles, strapless patterns, mermaid and sheath cuts etc are a few features that make the attire look nothing less than elegant.

    Youthful styles: Youthful styles are mainly the ones that usually touch a chord with the younger lot. They are mainly dresses that impart a very effervescent and bubbly aura to your personality. Mini knee length dresses with frills, ruffles, pretty looking bow appliques, unconventional ruche and multi tiered dresses are a few styles that complement the preferences of the youth.

    Grand ones: Ball gowns and full skirted gowns are attires that make the wearer look grand and smashing. These attires exemplify extraordinariness and are apt for grand occasions. The classiness it imparts can’t be matched by any other outfit. Exquisite fabrics like satin and chiffon make your exclusive attire the perfect epitome of glamour and luxury.

    Learn about different materials, styles, patterns etc and make the most of your shopping experience. Looking glamorous and exquisite and combining your own personal tinge of individualism is not a task anymore. With unique styles thronging the fashion domain, women have a lot of options in their platter these days.

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