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  • Posted :   Dec 5th, 2011

    Personalized gifting is a great idea if you planning to gift to someone you really care for, your personal touch adds to that effort and that special bling that you will put one her smile is worth spending some money on…Christmas is the best time to buy gifts, there are various ideas as to how you can personalize the gifts, it could be adding her name with a message or encrypting a message through embroidery, pictures on mugs, calendar full of photographs are many such ideas…but it al depends as to how your girl is and what gift is right for what kind of girl.

    This article is based on different kind of women and the kind of gifts they would like to receive which will definitely help you narrow down your search…

    If your girl is Glamour Girl: Well it’s said that men should never buy clothes for women but in the end if you have made up your mind then trust me guys these are some of the options that she is definitely going to love provided you going to get the size right…

    • One shoulder Dresses: This is one glamorous item that will definitely set her looks apart, mostly worn by celebrities and glamour models seen on red carpet, this is a definite item you should consider and along with that to add a personal touch buy a leather handbag that matches the dress and has her name embedded on it…trust guys you are going to enjoy your Christmas evening.
    • Beaded Christmas Gowns: These gowns definitely have an impact on glamorous girls which will leave them spell bounded but remember to get the right size.

    If your Girl is a Professional Woman: Staying organized is her number one quality which you cannot ignore and being calm and focused are some of the rest that follows to suit her profession.  You can actually get a beautiful coffee mug that she would love to carry to her office and have her picture on that mug and get a sweet personalized message printed on it ( Of course the message should be descent enough…so she’s not embarrassed carrying it around).

    There are many more categories to be filled in here, but we are short of space…keep reading for more updates on Christmas gifting…

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