• Posted :   Jan 27th, 2010

    sunburn tips

    In between enjoying warm sunny days in the beach or in between work do not forget about tanning. Tanning is caused due to long exposure to sun light. It makes you unattractive to look at and sometimes also lead to skin cancer. Sunburn turns skin red and even gets full of blisters, in extreme cases. At times, there is swelling as well. Thus it is must to avoid sunburns. To make you aware about it below are mentioned some of the ideas. Refer them:

    * The best way to avoid sunburn is to stay away from the sun. Harmful UV rays of sun causes sunburn, which results in tanning.

    * If it is urgent to go out in daytime only wear long sleeved clothes and do not forget to apply sunscreen lotion.

    * When out in sun never stand or sit under the direct sun. It will certainly cause sunburn. Take shelter under an umbrella or anything else.

    * Applying sunscreen is must to all exposed areas of body when move out in sun. These areas are face, neck, hands, arms, ears, upper part of feet etc. Sunscreen should have SPF 30 which provides protection from UVA as well as UVB rays. Apply sunscreen lotion 20 minutes before going out in sun, so that your body can absorb all its qualities. If you are out in a sun for much time keep re-applying sunscreen lotion from time to time.

    * Hat and a pair of sunglasses are also good for protection against sunburn. The hat should have a wide brim for more protection. Sunglasses should offer a complete blockage to UVA and UVB rays.

    * Do not be confused in cloudy days thinking that sun is not too hot thus sunburn will not occur. Take out this an incorrect conception out of your mind. On cloudy days also you need to follow the same above guidelines as sunburn occurs on these days also.   

    Sunburn can take away your beauty; therefore you need to be much careful about it.

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