• Posted :   Jun 13th, 2011

    summer dresses 2011Summer time is basically a period of untroubled spirit, cheery fun and relaxation, which obviously means that you need easy, trendy, and enjoyable attire to go with your suddenly more laidback lifestyle. You must explore an assortment of summer silhouettes and designs, experiment with the hottest looks that can only be found and promise yourself a great Summer 2011.

    So what should you expect this summer? What are the summer fashion dresses that are in vogue? Let’s put it this way. The weather is hotting up, and so are the summer dresses! This summer is all about bold prints, quirky onsies, tight but breezy cuts and classic style. Almost anything goes in summer weather so feel free to experiment with your inner suntanned beach goddess. The good thing about summer is that there is something for everyone from the slimmest waif to the more substantial woman.

    Rising temperatures are synonymous to rising hemlines and summer 2011 is no different. If you are comfortable with it then feel free to go for lower and more risque necklines as well. Strapless necklines and halters are the call of the season. So bring on the sun tan lotion and show off your beautiful arms. Do remember that summer is the time for you to dare to bare. It’s okay to show a little more skin in a warmer climate. Summer dresses with sheer silhouettes and flouncy, dazzling looks bring you the best of what’s in for the season while simultaneously assuring the more daring consumer a chance to test the waters.

    Now while summer time may mean “bikini” to some, others find their calling in long, flowing dresses and hem lines that fall a little above the knee to become the most flattering look for their body type. The temperatures could rise all it wants but you can redefine cool in that perfect summer dress when you carry it off with no effort whatsoever and show what they truly stand for – liberation and comfort.

    Party and evening summer dresses can have skirts cut as high as you’re comfortable wearing, with necklines that plunge and dare your admirers to take a closer look.

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