• Posted :   Aug 5th, 2011

    Walking down the aisle with your dad beside you and your to-be-husband waiting to have a look at you is a life time experience. Every girl wants it to be perfect and dreamy. She cannot leave any scope for errors. Here are a few tips that can be considered when choosing bridal gowns.
    The 1st thing that will make your search easier is arrange for a theme based wedding. So stick to the theme and pick the one that you think is according to the theme.

    • If it is a beach themed wedding, wear a bridal gown that is angelic in color. When you walk in, a feeling of cold breeze flowing should be evoked. A long sheath with a nice body shaped cut is a perfect beach bridal gown.

    • The length of the dress should preferably be kept long because only then it will look like a bridal dress.

    • Princess Diana wore a long white bridal dress with at least 25 ft train. It looks fantabulous and does create a wow effect. That is a traditional style, it looks very classically beautiful. The traditional long dress is a church type dress that is mostly loved by people from the older generation. Traditional dresses don’t have to be long and full sleeved. A little contemporary touch won’t do any harm.

    • A traditional dress will also look good with a strapless neck or even a halter.

    • There have been cases of people getting married in Hawaiian style. Breaking the norm of a type Christian wedding once can pick tropical or floral prints wedding dress. Keep the length short and the neck can be round or square shaped.

    • A-line wedding dresses are strikingly similar to evening gowns. But with a little heavy work and fabric. A-line wedding dresses are figure-flattering dresses. Ladies with a slim figure look gorgeous in a a-line wedding dress because the dress enhances their body weight and height.

    • Empire dresses are designed for ladies with a heavy bust or hips. It doesn’t accentuate your hip area; in fact your hips look more toned. Empire wedding dresses have a timeless beauty and charm to it. Empire dresses have existed since ages. It was a very commonly used dress in Rome.

    • Ruffles, laces are not for heavy ladies. However you can always opt for sleeves that are long and also v-necks.
    Wedding is like the d-day to every girl. Also considering, it’s your very first experience, a little jitters is expected, but if you pick or opt for the right perfect wedding, the confidence that will come out of it will help you reduce your jitters to some extent.

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