• Posted :   Sep 3rd, 2009


    Accessories are inseparable part of plus size women’s fashion ensemble. Fashion accessories add style to looks and are plus size woman’s best friend. They can jazz up even the simplest of dress and express personality. Below are mentioned certain staple accessories which plus size women should have in their wardrobe to give it complete look.

    Dangle earrings

    Dangle earrings are best suited for plus size women as they have fuller faces, thus long and slim earrings elongate their face and also give slim look. These are most flattering earrings for plus size women.

    Bold necklace

    Plus size women should opt for bold necklaces as thin necklaces will disappear on their neck. These necklaces can be chunky and bright depending on personal choice and dress style. Bold necklaces greatly enhance their show.


    Sunglasses impart a trendy diva look to appearance. It is one of the must haves of all accessories. Nothing other accessory adds sex appeal to an outfit like flattering sunglasses.

    Fashionable belt

    Belts are an important fashion accessory for enhancing appearance. They are not just limited to holding dresses but lend amazing look to them. They are more of fashionable than functional nowadays. Plus size beauties use them to define their waist and for expressing individuality.

    Black high heeled shoes

    Black is classic color of all and heels are all time fashion favorite; hence black heeled shoes make a fantastic accessory. Plus size women should own it for an elegant look.


    No doubt heeled shoes are unmatchable but they are not always a practical choice for every place. Therefore plus size women should encompass a pair of flats for such occasions. They are a combination of comfort and style.

    Day handbag

    Daytime bags should be more functional than fashionable because they have a lot of use. It is best to have leather bags for daytime. They are good looking as well sturdy also. Certainly have it.

    Evening clutch

    For a dressy occasion casual bag will not do. Classy clutch bags will only give polished look and add dynamism to visual aspect.


    Bracelets are fun hand accessory that greatly enhance look of well manicured hands. Do have bracelets in your accessories ensemble.

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