• Posted :   Jun 10th, 2009


    What is the main eye catching part of the entire body? Certainly it’s skin. To make it look soft gives glow to the appearance. There are certain measures that make skin look soft and should be incorporated in everybody’s habit. Hence bid farewell to rough skin for forever as these effective tips will never let your skin become dry.

    Tips for making skin soft

    These tips will prove a sure hit for making skin soft. But success comes with regular hard work; similarly skin will become soft by regularly applying these tips.

    Moisturizing skin

    Applying moisturizer to skin is the best method to keep it moist. Twice in a day moisturize your skin to keep it soft. It is must. It should be done first after taking bath and second in night before going to bed.

    Drink enough water

    Skin will be hydrated only if there will be water inside it. Thus for staying well hydrated drink plenty of water. If water level in the body is low skin will automatically become dehydrated and effects of dehydration are quickly seen on skin by making it dry.

    Take bath oil

    Oil bath is another measure for soft skin. It means while taking bath add little oil to water. Oil helps in making skin smooth and soft and prevents from dehydration.

    Cover skin

    Direct exposure to sun or wind any makes skin dry and rough. Thus while going outside cover as much skin you can.


    Exfoliation is one of the best methods to make skin smooth. This process involves removal of dead cells from the skin which makes skin rough. Certainly exfoliate at least once in a week. Make sure to apply moisturizer after exfoliation is done.

    Do not rub skin

    Never rub your skin, rubbing makes skin rough. Always pat it with the towel.

    Well these are those magic tips that will help you in your soft skin mission. They work for all skin types. Thus baby smooth skin is possible at any age and for any skin type.

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