• Posted :   Apr 27th, 2011

    So much is written and said about how to dress for parties and how to walk at parties and what kind of jewelry and make up works with what. How about a casual outing? Sometimes some parties just do not need you to dress up much. A casual outfit would do perfectly. That’s when the problems strike. The traditional LBD (little black dress) may not work; a heavy flowing gown wouldn’t do either while a sparkly short prom dress might be overdoing it! How do you dress then

    The ideal option is a casual dress. A pair of denims for a casual outing may seem too under dressed. Instead a simple cotton dress or a delicate chiffon dress with minimal work will do perfectly. Summer dresses are actually the most ideal of the lot. They look adorable. They look smart yet not too over dressed or under dressed. Te whole combination is perfect. With the season of spring well on its way, summer dresses make for an ideal combination

    Always select patterns that flatter your body type. If you are comfortable with shorter hemlines then go for it. Just remember to keep in mind the theme of your outing though! Sometime a hemline that is too short may not be ideal. Long dresses are not too bad an idea although short. Knee length or just below the knees is preferable.

    Remember to pick out light materials. Heavy stuff like satin or silk may not seem like such a good idea and don’t blend well with casual outings. However materials like cotton or sometimes even lace look fantastic for an evening out. Bright colors are the way to go. The look adorable and add to the light atmosphere. Dark colors work too but if you get the chance to wear lighter and brighter shades, do so.

    Remember to go easy on the makeup and jewelry. Opt for casual shoes as well. A heavy dosage of heels and makeup may kill the entire effect. Remember to keep it simple. The whole beauty of a casual dress lies in its simplicity mixed with feminism.

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