• Posted :   Aug 20th, 2011

    Summer time is about fine weather, plenty of sunshine and most importantly – it’s party time! The season is basically an excuse for women to show off their long, tanned and very shapely legs. Skirts come in a variety of shapes and sizes and summer is synonymous to a multitude of skirts. Think long skirts, mini skirts, frilled skirts, pleated skirts, A line skirt skirts, straight cut skirts and so on! The choices are numerous. What needs to be kept in mind are the combinations and how to use the summer season to your advantage. Here are some super combinations for the summer season:

    • Orange pleated skirt with colored tops:

    Orange is quite the flavour of summer 2011. Match the brightness of the sun and set your surroundings aglow in a short orange pleated skirt. You can combine it with a deep grey T back top or a simple white tee. You could probably add to a white or black peasant blouse for a more vintage look.

    • Cobalt blue straight cut skirt:

    Much as you would love to laze around and enjoy the warmth of the season, you still have to go to work. So the best way to celebrate summer is to dress your self in a professional summer wardrobe. Pick out a straight cut or pencil styled cobalt blue skirt. Remember that the skirt should be knee length or below. Tuck a simple white blouse into the skirt. Add a pair of sensible pumps, tie your hair in a pony and you are pretty much set to make an impression.

    • White A line skirt:
    Summer and white go hand in hand. Even better is the fact that a hundred other colors blend with white. Choose a simple white A line skirt – preferably ending above your knees. You can match it with a multitude of tops to create a multitude of looks. White skirts look rather ravishing and can be worn to parties as well as casual outings.

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