• Posted :   Sep 8th, 2009


    Shoulders give shape to the body, and make it look proportionate. Till one have beautiful and structured shoulders personality will not oozes out. For making any style statement beautiful shoulders are must have.

    For looking good toning of shoulders is must. They should be cared just like other parts of the body to compliment the beautiful figure you have. It is a great mistake to neglect toning shoulders from your beauty regime. Here are mentioned some exercises to have a great sexy and alluring shoulders.

    First most common but most important thing is to stand or sit with back erect.

    Second is whether sitting or standing raise arms to your sides keeping them parallel to the floor and forearms perpendicular to upper arms and floor. Exhale as you raise the arms upwards so that the elbows are close to your ears. Inhale as you lower the arms to starting position. Do it fifteen times each time thrice in a day. Avoid fast and jerky movements. This shoulder relaxing exercise can be done any time of the day.

    Raise and lower your shoulders ten times. It also relaxes shoulders.

    Stand facing a wall with your hands on the wall and your feet shoulder-width apart. Slowly do a push-up.

    Sit straight on a chair with arms resting. Your feet should be touching the floor. Use your arms to slowly rise off the chair.

    Improve your posture as well shoulders by doing these shoulder exercises. They are phenomenal in making the entire body look better. Apart from exercise massaging is yet another very effective method in making them look beautiful. Let’s see how to do it:

    Each shoulder has muscles, massage them with three middle fingers in small circular movements. With beautifying it also relieves tension.

    Use all fingers and place thumb behind your collarbone and pinch over the muscle repeatedly. Start from shoulders and move towards hairs for more effect.

    Feel the rim of the shoulder joint with your thumb on the front and the balls of your fingers on the back, massage gently.

    Flatter shoulders following these pointers and feel great about you.

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