• Posted :   Apr 28th, 2011

    shoesIf the shoe doesn’t fit, must we change the foot? –Gloria Steinem

    When you are utterly confused about what to wear with what and what to match with the wear then you need to calm down, take a deep breath and figure out what you want to highlight. There are always two options. Would you like to highlight that fabulous cocktail dress or would you like your accessories like your shoes to take the brunt of the focus?

    Sometimes the dress you choose plays the first violin. In that case something understated always works best. You need to highlight the dress and downplay the shoes a tiny bit. Always keep in mind that you need to match the feel of the shoe with the feel of the dress. Sometimes a glamorous dress calls for a glamorous shoe!

    Picking out shoes for colored dresses can get a bit tricky. A pair of red shoes with a red dress would look over coordinated plus appear like you’re trying too hard. In case of solid colors like reds or blues or greens try and opt for slightly contrasting shoes like a metallic grey or a sparkling burgundy.

    In case you want your shoes to take all the focus think Carrie from Sex and the City. Work on contrasts. Pick bright colored shoes with flashy details like a huge satin bow or ruffles or metallic embellishments. You have to ensure that the remaining of your accessories also matches. Also ensure that your dress is on the plain side. Flashy shoes with a flashy dress may just cause an onlooker to get blinded!

    Most women love shoes and have plenty of pairs. In fact sometimes, the shoes are more expensive than the dress they pair it with! Pumps usually work fantastically with short cocktail or party or prom dresses. They also help keep the foot steady. Glittering sandals work better with long cocktail or party or prom dresses.

    The most important factor while purchasing shoe to match your party dress is to remember that you need to be comfortable in it.

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