• Posted :   Aug 4th, 2009


    Scarf is a great fashion accessory that can add million bucks look to women’s appearance, if worn properly. This accessory was earlier overlooked by women but today is again making waves in fashion.

    Previously use of scarf was limited to protecting head from sun, wind and cold. But after exploring them much their fashion side came into front. Scarf offers endless possibilities for enhancing the look of you as well your wardrobe. Scarves are available in various fabrics, colors, shapes, sizes and designs, which make them ideal for all seasons and occasions. You can dress up an outfit just by adding one.

    Today many Hollywood celebrities are seen decking them with fashion scarves. Madonna, Mischa Barton, Jessica Alba, Kisten Dunst, Sienna Miller etc are few of them. The scarf has become a must-have accessory of the entire year. It evokes an air of style, glamour, and sophisticated elegance. Be it any time of the day a scarf can give unique look. Let us see how:

    For Day

    For office or any day outing you can dress up your outfit by adding a scarf around your neck. Try to put it in a bow style as this style is more effective for day time. A scarf can be knitted, woven or silk scarf and you are all set to go for the day.

    For Evening

    For evening party, dinner party or on any other evening occasion it is better to go for dark color scarves decked with beads and sequins for a sparkling effect. In evening time glittering scarf creates more effect. For evening time opt for satin or velvet scarf.

    Always remember if dressed wearing patterned or printed dress then a solid color scarf is all you need. But then if wearing solid color dress, jazz up your look with a fun, colorful and bright printed scarf. This is a rule of thumb while wearing scarf, which takes appearance to the height.

    Scarves are the perfect way to add a touch of elegance to your outfit whether formal or informal.

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