• Posted :   Jan 28th, 2011

    red prom dressIt’s Red versus the world! Red is the flavor of the season, women!! Wake up, smell the RED roses and let realization hit you. It is all about the color red for Prom 2011.

    Pack your adventurous spirit this prom season and prepare to sizzles the floor in a gorgeous red prom dress. It is bold, it is feminine and it is oh so gorgeous. Stand out from the boring crowd and prepare to make a statement in your amazing and elegant red prom dress. I mean, everyone is going to opt for those some dull colors. Its safe and boring! That is where you step in! Add the required zing and undoubtedly become the life of the party.

    Red is the color of passion and sexiness and if that is what you think defines you and compliments your personality perfectly, then you know what to do – pick out that red dress. There are loads of shades in red too and a variety of dress options.

    For the spunky woman

    If you enjoy your dose of craziness, then choose a bold red, mid thigh ruffled strapless dress. Compliment with a contrasting sweetheart neckline and a smattering of sequins and stone work. Showcase your legs and your sassy spirit in a fabulous red creation.

    For the classy woman

    Are the people around you always envious because you seem to drip grace and elegance? Then opt for a floor length empire waist dark red gown with shimmering straps. Let the hemline of your gorgeous choice delicately kiss the floor as you turn on the oomph.

    For the ‘don’t mess with me’ woman

    Are you the silent types? The one who oozes confidence and nobody dares to mess with? Then an asymmetrical red dress is the choice for you. Red is the perfect color to compliment your inner radiance and perfection.

    For the demure woman

    So you are the silent strong types. You know red defines you but are just a tiny bit apprehensive about carrying it off. Never fear when red is near. Simply pick up a dual toned dress. A red sheath with a low cut back and silver work or a red knee length dress with a gold sash would compliment you perfectly.

    Red is the color we always painted out paper hearts in, red is the color of your lips and red will always stand out in a crowd. Red is synonymous with strength of character and fabulousness. Did you know that Google pulled put an average of 104 searches per day for the topic ‘red prom dresses? Need I say more?

    Red prom dresses have been a traditional favorite and yet they seem to make a mark year after year. Come to think of it, why would they not? Red, as a color, compliments every style and cut of dress. It compliments almost all skin tones and a number of accessories – black, silver and gold can be combined with it. So prepare to raise the temperature around you this Prom in a gorgeous red dress.

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