• Posted :   Feb 28th, 2009

    Grooming for Events

    Some moments in life are unique and come only once in a lifetime. The best way to cherish them always is by keeping intact their memories forever. Prom is one such unique occasion. The greatest tool that can keep memories of this day refreshing everlasting is your appearance.
    But simply nothing becomes special. It requires effort. Don’t get puzzle. Efforts are simple and if get implemented turn your night into a full glamour. Let us understand it with an example what exactly by ‘special’ means. When you go in a shop to purchase card, foremost thing you think in mind is that it should be special. By this you mean firstly design or its look and secondly write up about the occasion. Similarly when you think of making prom special firstly you mean by prom dress and second your looks. Perfect blend of both only can make your prom special.
    Deciding on prom dress is completely up to you but regarding looks here is something to say. To glow most special night of your life with glamour and unique style below are mentioned few make up grooming tips, considering which will earn you a perfect prom queen look.

    * First of all clean your face with water and whatever product you use.

    * Next step is to go for concealer of skin tone. It is used for hiding dark circles and blemishes of skin.

    * Then apply foundation of the same color of your skin tone. Remember it should perfectly blend with your skin color. For checking first apply little on your cheeks and check whether it matches your skin color or not. Foundation brings out the beauty.

    * It’s always good to highlight any one facial feature prominently. When you go for highlighting all, face becomes overloaded and instead of highlighting it sublimes the appearance. For example if you want to play up with your eyes, downplay the other features. Highlight only best feature.

    * Apply gleaming eye shadow for a prom night in order to get a dramatic look.

    * Before applying mascara apply a lash primer to your eyelids. First let dry the first coat of mascara and then apply the second one.

    * Always use a lip brush for applying the lipstick. Blot the lipstick with a tissue paper. Again apply the lipstick and blot again with the tissue paper. Finally apply the last coat of lipstick. This is for ensuring that lipstick stays for a longer period.

    * Before applying lipstick give your lips shape with lip liner.
    With all these tips get started on your make up beauty routine and take everyone’s breath away. They will create a beautiful look that will make you the belle of the ball.

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