• Posted :   Jun 16th, 2009

    professional-wearDressing makes a great impact in all areas of life. It represents what you are. Women are more inspired by it. In professional area also dress up means a lot to women. It can not only make or ruin your appearance but to great extent helps in getting or loosing business deals. Properly dressed person represents image of well professional person also. With dressing accessories and personal grooming also matters much in professional field.

    A woman’s professional appearance speaks about her professionalism and sincerity towards work. It greatly impresses clients, investors, and customers. This article is awareness about how business women should dress up as well as groom them.

    Grooming Tips for Business Women


    Attire that’s considered best for workplace is many. Two-piece dresses, knee length skirts paired with jackets, pants etc makes the best wear.


    Never put perfume at workplace, it is considered offensive. Perfume is a sign of indecency and has no place in business settings, avoid them.

    Nails and Hands

    At office hands play a great role as women use them oftentimes while talking or explaining something. They become a focal point. Thus it’s important to keep nails and hands clean and well groomed. Nails should be trimmed. Manicure is the professional method for care of the hands and fingernails.


    Hairs of professional women should be well combed and preferably off the face. Hair coloring is okay if not looking awkward on you. Hair sprays and gels having strong smell should be avoided.


    Your make up should be simple. But don’t go without it. No makeup is as bad as wearing too much makeup.


    With regard to jewelry business women should keep them to the minimal. Overdoing them will impart gaudy look. Jewelry should not make noise or should not be too large. Wear simple necklace and simple pair of earrings. Certainly wear wrist watch, it looks very professional.


    Stilettos are looked at the best footwear for professional women. They are smart, sexy and fashionable looking. Comfort level is important with shoes so rest is up to your choice.

    A woman who pays attention to her business appearance throws an image of very sincere person serious towards work. Professional dressing is must for success.

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