• Posted :   Nov 3rd, 2009

    high_heel_shoeFootwear is one of the must haves fashion ensembles without which appearance is incomplete. Personality gets a great boost with right footwear. But wearing any footwear does not work, it should complement the outfit; otherwise they are as good as wasted.

    High heel footwear or call them stilettos are considered perfect as they look good over everything and greatly enhances show of wearer. Their name is taken amongst elegant footwear. But many women have complaints that they are not everybody’s cup of tea. May be its right but with practice anything can be made possible.

    To walk properly and elegantly in stilettos refer the tips given below:

    If wearing stilettos for the first time buy pair having ankle straps to enables the sandal to remain attached to foot. It provides support and helps in walking for novice.

    Most important thing is to purchase right fitting stilettos. Right fit is very essential.

    Make sure stilettos are not cramping or cutting into toe straps. Also avoid the ones having a large gap between the sole and the shoe bed, as you lift your foot. They both make you uncomfortable in walking.

    After purchase is done first practice is to stand in front of full length mirror and look at you from each side. It will give you fair idea in how much water you are.

    Try to make balance in both the feet. Stand on entire foot and do not try to stay on the ball of the foot.

    After learning to stand it’s time to take a walk. Before starting make a point to move your weight first, to the ball of your foot and then to the heel. After that, distribute your weight evenly between the ball and the heel of your foot. Once learnt how to make a balance other steps become much easier.

    While walking, put your heel down first. Thereafter, roll the rest of the foot. For taking the next step, push off with the ball of your foot and land on the heel first.

    While walking does remember to keep toes pointing straight ahead.

    Swing arms while walking as they help in making balance. Legs should be straight, close and parallel to each other.

    Always start with small steps and practice should be done on flat ground. After you are confident enough take larges steps and also walk on different terrains.

    In the initial stages, avoid walking on ice, slush, mud, grass, sand, gravel and grated surfaces. Because if you are not comfortable in high heels they can make you slip very easily.

    While climbing staircase in stilettos, always use the rail or be near to it. Also your entire shoe heel and sole should land firmly at once on each step.

    Last but not the least practice practice pratice.

    It is must for every woman to learn how to walk in high heel sandals. They make you stand out and lend femininity to uncertain degree. Step out in fashion in fashionable high heel shoes.

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