• Posted :   Jul 17th, 2009


    Just imitating celebrity dress styles is not enough to look like them. Her behavior, way of speaking, standing, sitting, walking, laughing, posing etc everything counts. This article takes into consideration her posing style. Even if you cannot grasp her other attributes your photo in celebrity style will not let others know about it as photos don’t speak.

    Refer the tips below to look like red carpet celebrities.

    – Waist is the most important part that celebrities flaunt greatly. For flaunting yours rotate upper body slightly at the waist and get an impression of a thinner tummy area than actual. You will see this simple twist can do a lot and give amazing look to waist. Many red carpet celebrities do this.

    – Hand on hips is another very appealing pose of celebrities. This flattering style causes you to push your hips forward, pull your shoulders back and draws attention to your waist.

    – Crossing of the legs over one another is very popular red carpet pose. It is also a good way to thin down your bottom half, which gives you taller and thinner expression. Take care that you do not to stand with your feet too far apart, as this will make you appear short and awkward.

    – Many celebrities are seen showcasing bust. For emphasizing the bust line pull back shoulders a little. It will naturally push the chest out and shows off bust.

    – Standing straight is one of the most popular poses of celebrities. It looks natural also. For it hold chin high and keep shoulders held slightly back, but make sure they are relaxed. Keep hands held clasped at either at waist level, or slightly below the waist.

    – Looking over the shoulder is a brilliant pose given my most celebrities. This pose draws attention to your butt shoulders and back. For showcasing back of the dress this pose is perfect. For carrying out this pose push your shoulders slightly forward as you look back, rest your elbows on your hip and let your fingers trail down your thigh.

    Follow these tips for giving fabulous pose like a celebrity. But practice makes man perfect. It’s not a one day task. Remember giving pose is not the end looking natural is also must.

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