• Posted :   May 2nd, 2011

          A wedding may be a happy occasion – the days before the grand day is practically hell! The bride becomes a regular bridezilla and who can blame her? There’s so much to do and the biggest issue of all is the bridal gown! Almost every woman gets all panicky about finding that perfect gown – plus size women even more so! It’s bad enough that it’s difficult for het to find regular clothes like a party gown or a cocktail dress. To find a plus size bridal gown is a regular nightmare.

    It is going to cost you a bomb like all your other clothes. The best options are to custom make your bridal outfit either at a good tailor or order your dress online. The dress is always created to your exact size and fit. Remember to check the credentials of the website that you order from though. A great idea is to go to a boutique and try on a few styles of wedding dresses. Choose one that you think suits you the best and custom create one along the same lines. Always take a trusted friend along for a second honest opinion.

    How to select the ideal Bridal gown?
    The easiest and the best way to pick out a wedding gown is to base it on your cocktail dress that you have received loads of compliments in. Plus size women are all usually categorized under one category. Just like the average sized woman, remember that even plus sized women have different body shapes. The trick lies in knowing how to flatter what you love about yourself and conceal what you don’t wish to show the world.

    A common misconception is that empire waist gowns look great on plus sized women. Empire waist gowns do have their advantages and work wonderfully in concealing a heavy figure but at times may also work to emphasize a full body. Empire waists always highlight the bust line of a woman and those with full chests may not be comfortable in it. Similarly those with stomachs may not be comfortable in it.

    Remember that there are choices in plus size gowns too. Halter necks and empire waists are just a few of them. A great idea would be to take some tips from plus size celebrities.

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